Benue State University at it again

It is disappointing to see an institution that should be teaching what can contribute in developing a society, demonstrating anti-development.

A university that always look for any means and creates one, if there is none, to extort its students, is rather damaging the nation by impacting same habit into many as some who are victims now shall do same to others when in positions of power and authority. This is one of the reasons corruption grows continually in Nigeria.

The projects supervisors at the History Department of Benue State University Makurdi collected N100,000 per doctorate student just to extort them while threatening those who were reluctant to comply.

The lecturers who were assigned as projects supervisors to the victims, were later found guilty but the then vice-chancellor, Professor Moses Kembe, could not do anything to ensure those involved get the needed punishments.

The university is now taking advantage of those who are in need of their transcripts for different reasons to extort them.

Mr. Fanen Andrew Nyiter, a former student of the university, alleged that those who need their transcripts would write application and pay for it. Thereafter, you will settle your department with cash, settle the faculty officer with cash, settle the computer operator with cash, buy fuel for the generator, buy stamp and pay transport to the courier service.

Those who need their transcripts now spend almost the same amount spent for their school fees while studying at the university in question.

I have a lot of proofs against this university (Benue State University, Makurdi) but at the appropriate time, everything will be made public.

Many lecturers at the university care not about their jobs but create means of getting money illegally from students. From my investigation, a class contains over 800 students. Therefore, some lecturers are only interested in selling their reading material to students but getting them to come for lectures is always problematic.

A lecturer makes millions of naira from the sale of his books but ignores coming to class for lectures. Many of them are always attending to their personal businesses at the time of their lectures. They come for lectures few weeks to examinations to market their books to students with the threat that those without their books cannot make it in their courses.

I experienced a similar thing while studying at the same university and that was not and it’s not in any way legal.

Many teaching and non teaching staff of the university are not interested in doing their jobs but how they can get more from students whose parents sell their properties in order to pay fees.

Some lecturers even give the examination scripts to students to mark and these students, in turn, collect money from those who participate in the examinations to raise their scores. Many of them are lazy and should not be lecturers in any of the universities. These same lecturers also join ASUU’s strike and participate actively as if they have been playing their roles.

Time shall tell.

Awunah Pius Terwase,
Human Rights Activist/Public Affairs Commentator,
Mpape, Abuja
[email protected]