Belema Oil boss challenges Africans on growth

The Chief Executive Officer, Belema Oil and Belema Aid, Mr Jack Rich, has advised young African Americans in New York to support Africa’s development as a strategic economic game changer and redemption of the continent’s dignity.

Rich spoke on the sidelines of the recently concluded United Nations General Assembly UNGA summit in New York during a session organised for Africa Opportunity by Concordia.

He said: “Irrespective of your well-being in USA or in the world’s most developed economy, irrespective of your iconic network, contacts, positions, affluence or degree of wealth, until you assist in deploying all that resources into helping to set Africa on the right sustainable growth trajectory, your value outside Africa is valueless.”

He said Africa needed to promote trade within itself, noting that policy makers also needed strong collaboration with the corporate world in order to advance sustainable economic growth through technology.

According to him, there is a need to set up ecosystem to foster needed partnership and enhance rural area economic participation towards arresting growing under-employment and unemployment.

 He said Africa has 3 per cent growing population and in 30 years, the continent’s population would be 2.5billion and Nigeria 380m which is 90 per cent of today’s number.

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