Before we all get killed! 

Nigeria’s security challenges have continued to deteriorate with the growing distrust among the government and the people. Nigerians have expressed dissatisfaction and disappointment with government response to the killings in the country. The recent massacre of 30 stranded motorists and passengers in Auno village of Borno state is very sad and frightening. While Nigerians are mourning the death of innocent travelers in Borno, another sad story of killings by armed bandits filtered the air. It was reported that, the family of 16 were locked up and burned to ashes in a village in Giwa local government of Kaduna state by suspected bandits. The incessant killings have become a daily occurrence in the country.

The frequent attacks by bandits and Boko Haram have indicated that insecurity is not yet over. It also proved there is no end in sight to the horrific killings in the land. The attacks on defenceless Nigerians have raised several questions on whether the primary function of government which is the protection of lives and properties has been achieved. For example, in the last one decade, the country has never known peace. It has turned to Golgotha where lives are being crucified with impunity. The country is at war with Boko Haram, bandits and killer herdsmen. Sadly, what Nigerians continue to hear from the authorities are: Boko Haram has been technically defeated or the government is on top of the security situation. These assurances from the government officials have failed to stem the tide of killings in the country.

  No wonder, in recent times, there have been calls for Mr President to sack his service chiefs. The House of Representatives, Northern Elders Forum (NEF) and other civil society organisations have passed vote of no confidence on the service chiefs. To them, it seems the service chiefs have overstayed and run out of fresh ideas to confront the security challenges. But the body language of President Buhari has shown the service chiefs will not be sacked. This means Nigerians should continue to bear and tolerate their poor performances. Nigerians are worried on the resurgent killings and the supersonic speed in which the murderers carry out their attacks. During Buhari’s first tenure, the dreaded Boko Haram were pushed back or partially crushed courtesy of our gallant troops. However, the gains recorded in the fight against the sect have been eroded with the renewed attacks.

  The carrot and stick approach to insecurity has yielded desirable result in Zamfara and Katsina states. Bandits who agreed to surrender their arms and repent are granted amnesty and integrated into the society. The same approach was adopted by the federal government where repented Boko Haram members are being rehabilitated. However, the sudden demand for community policing in the country is a knock to our security system failures. There is agitation for the establishment of regional and states security outfits to check mate the rising insecurity in the country. Before Nigerians get killed by these terrorists, bandits and killer herdsmen, the government should swiftly move and contain their madness. There is also the need for government to address the root causes of insecurity which border on poverty, unemployment and poor governance.

 Ibrahim Mustapha,

Pambegua, Kaduna state


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