Bauchi holds summit on education

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state Monday said the central focus of his administration is the restoration of the lost glory of public education in the state by holistically addressing human resource gaps in the sector.

The governor made this known while declaring open, a 2-day Education Summit with the theme: “Nurturing a Flourishing Future: Improving Access and Quality Education in Bauchi state” held at Sultan Saad Abubakar, Hajj Camp Bauchi.

He said the Bauchi State Education Summit centre’s on effectively addressing the issues unique to the state with conducting a comprehensive assessment of the state of education including the number of out-of-school children, their demographics, and the impact on education due to various challenges.

Governor Bala said the summit among other things seek active involvement of all stakeholders by increasing awareness and mobilising their support to enhance the education sector by targeting interventions.

“This summit is timely and aligns with our strategic plan for the education sector. It is our moral and constitutional duty to ensure that every child in Bauchi state has access to quality education. The title of our summit encapsulates a dual focus: ensuring universal access to education while simultaneously elevating its quality.

“Our discussions will delve into the multifaceted dimensions of education in Bauchi state, exploring avenues to improve infrastructure, enhance teacher training, embrace technology, and address socio-economic factors hindering access to education. The Bauchi State Education Summit stands as a call to action, to break the cycle of any educational disadvantages we are facing. The urgency of this endeavour cannot be overstated.”