Bassa -Komo blackmailing Nasarawa govt to get chiefdom – Group

The Egbura Cultural Development Association has accused Bassa -Komo ethnic in Nasarawa of blackmailing the state government into creating what they called “illegal chiefdom” for them in Toto local government area through incessant attacks on Egbura communities.
Accusing the ethnic group of engaging in mindless killings and maiming of innocent Egbura people in Kogi state since May and Nasarawa state since April this year, Vice Chairman and PRO of ECDA, Suleiman Zuberu and Musa Usman, respectively in a press statement said it was time for the government to bring the perpetrators, who were to known it, to book.
Accusing one Gwatana Dogwo, Secretary of Bassa Cultural Development Association of falsehood and attempting to hoodwink the world about the atrocities of Bassa Komu against Egbura people and their communities, ECDA recalled how Bassa militia allegedly attacked Shafa Abakpa (Sofiyo) recently and killed 7 civilians and a soldier.
It said this latest attack was carried by Daily Trust Newspaper and a number of others including online platforms.
Debunking Dogwo claim, ECDA said: “The world knows that Shafa-Abakpa (Sofiyo) is an Egbura settlement.
This is incredibly amusing, if we may ask, which group in the ongoing crises between the Bassa and Egbura is most likely to attack Shafa-Abakpa a predominantly Egbura settlement.
What then is this blatant and infantile falsehood intended to achieve? “In any case, as a matter of fact, credible sources revealed that, the attack on Sofiyo was part of the grand plan concluded in a meeting held on Saturday 8th September, 2018 in the palace of Aguma of Bassa in Gwagwarada, with most of the prominent Bassa elite and traditional rulers in attendance.
“The villages on the plan map of the group include; Toto, Shafa Abakpa (Sofiyo) Ugya, Katakpa and Umansha in Toto LGA of Nasarawa state.
In Kogi state, the map include Mozum, Admimbeku and Ibozogi (Bassa LGA) and Koton Karfe, Kpareche, Ette and Gegu (Kogi LGA) of the state.
“The purported aim was to diminish the public declaration of Mr.
Jafaru as governorship aspirant of Nasarawa state.
Curiously, Mr.
Jafaru hails from that village, and the attack of 13th September, 2018 was the day of his declaration.
“Even the military men who were victims of this attack know that, they were attacked by Bass-Komo militias and their hired mercenaries.” It said these attacks were planned and executed to force the government to accede to the creation of a chiefdom for them in Toto LGA of Nasarawa state, where Pa Daniel Tukura would reign as ‘emperor’

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