Basketball: FIBA, Kida pushing for ban on Nigeria

World basketball body, FIBA, has issued Nigeria an ultimatum to suspend its International withdrawal or risk getting additional years of wilderness.

According to source, “former President of Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) Engr. Musa Kida is in the circle of events as a recipient, as the country sits out of international basketball announced by the Federal Government of Nigeria.”

The government had called for Nigeria’s withdrawal as a result of in-fightings amongst stakeholders, lack of a functional league and a stall in the growth of the game at home.

It said the measure will allow the country take a deep breathe, reconcile grey areas, re-strategise and get better as a basketball nation, instead of the cosmetic outward appearance of beauty but inner state of rancour and disunity.

A top government official who preferred anonymity said, “”Nigeria is a sovereign nation and will not be blackmailed carelessly. Nigeria is bigger than Kida and his cohorts.

“Moreso, it’s understood that FIBA allegedly wrote Kida alone. The body has not written the Federal Government.

“The ministry has received no communication to that effect. Kida is not the Federal Government of Nigeria.”