Banks customers bemoan shortage of cash, unexplained charges

Customers of banks in Lagos have expressed deep concern over their inability to withdraw cash from all the major banks across the state.

They wonder if the system is back to the days of sacked Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor, Goodwin Emiefele.

Investigations carried out by Blueprint in the last three weeks corroborated the pain bank customers are going through.

Two weeks ago, Blueprint visited one of the top echelon banks (name withheld) to withdraw N60,000, but was told at the counter that he could only get N20,000.

Further enquiry from the branch manager revealed that there is actually no cash.

“we can pay that much, by afternoon, we will have nothing to pay others so please bear with us”, he said.

The situation however seems to have worsened, as efforts to withdraw some cash today met a different level of no cash. long queue of customers was at the bank yesterday morning. This time, the cashier said the server is down. some people waited close to me hour and left in frustration, but some who have no alternative continued waiting.

A few customers who seem to understand the way banks operate said, they are collecting deposits from customers first before giving to customers withdrawing later.

Blueprint also noticed that, cahiers were attending to customers who want to deposit cash, saying, when network returns, they will post.

Some of the customers who spoke with Blueprint wondered how investors would be confident enough to invest in the on-gping recapitalisation of banks currently going on.