AvanteFly set to revolutionise luxury travel with launch of mobile App

A firm, AvanteFly has launched a mobile app that enables its clients access Private Aviation and make choices from an extensive number of private jets, helicopter, luxury car charters, hotels and executive spaces bookings with a touch of the bottom.

The exclusive real time digital platform, the firm said, has made it more convenient and transparent for clients to enjoy Luxury Travel, Services, and Goods globally.

AvanteFly’s Founder and CEO, Bria Okonkwo told journalists in Lagos that the app, the first of its kindn98 will afford the clients the opportunity to choose from multiple payment options, door to destination solutions and shared flight options and would keep away the middlemen from the purchase of tickets giving the operators a fair deal.

“With the release of the AvanteFly mobile App, we are committed to providing high value and uncompromising experience to ensure our members & clients get the utmost safety, privacy, and luxurious experience,” she said.

Bria Okonkwo explained that “You do not need a broker to get a private jet, you go online today, click private jets, UK, you see a list of companies, you click on their website, order a jet, pay online. Your plane is right there. The honest truth is unfortunately for the brokers, they cant really stay too long.

“A lot of money is wasted because these operators pay for international fee and you cancel, who bears the brunt of that cost? Not the broker but the operator, so lets not try to make some people happy and others unhappy, its about being fair on the investor and being fair is being fair to the operator who has spent money to purchase an asset and not the broker, unfortunately. So if we sit here are talk about brokers, we not being fair to the operator.

“In saying that, we consider they are part of us and Avantefly actually has a program for the affiliate member which is specifically built for the brokers. The affiliates can see the bookings on their back end and see what goes into their accounts, so what we have done is make the work easy. They will be on the platform and you don’t have to call 10 times a day. ”