ATCN calls for reduction of carbon emission from automobile sources 

A motorsport and mobility non-governmental organisation Automobile and Touring Club of Nigeria (ATCN) has called for reduction of carbon emission from automobile sources in Nigeria.

This was made during its two-day programme “Promoting Net Zero Carbon: Reducing Emission From Automobile Sources,” held between May 31-June 01, 2024, at the Musa Yar’adua Centre.

It attracted 200 participants from public and private sector and the programme was supported by the Federation International de Automobile’s (FIA) under FIA’s Sustainable Mobility Advocacy.  

The president of ATCN, Ishaku Bamiyi, during his opening remark stated that, “the programme is aimed at promoting healthy environment as it relates, especially to the transport sector by reducing carbon emission in our country,” adding that the answer lies in “multisectoral partnership.”

The keynote speaker, Dr. Mohammed Dahiru Aminu, stated that, “the electric vehicle in attaining net zero emission is crucial” adding that, “transitioning from carbon to zero carbon emission target has environmental benefits” for a healthy populace.

The Minister of Environment, Balarebe Abbas Lawal, represented by Mrs Bahijjah H. Abubakar, Director of Pollution Control and Environmental Health, pointed out the need “to act decisively and urgently in dealing with environmental concerns” because it threatened public health.

The Director-General of National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), represented by Jacob Ayuba, said urgent actions were needed because “our planet faces unprecedented environmental challenges which do not only threaten the balance of nature but the prosperity and well- being of the next generation.”

Another speaker, Malami Uba Saidu, founder of Geological Society of Nigeria, commended ATCN for organiasing the programme noting that, “Gas and electricity are the two alternatives in achieving net zero emission” and that “involvement of government and private sector is critical.”

There were contributions from Prince Mustapha Audu, Chief Executive Officer of Electric Motor Vehicle; representatives of special assistant to the vice president on National Economic Council and Climate Change, represented by Mr. Israel Igwe; vice chancellor of Baze University, and chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Abuja Branch.