As returnee Nigerians from South Africa rises above 800, Senate President rallies support

The Senate Thursday, made a strong call on Nigerians to rally round the government in getting it fixed for the good of all through required patriotism .

Senate’s call came on the heels of the recent xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other black Africans in South Africa, the fall out of which have made about 821 affected  Nigerians indicated interest to voluntarily return home .
Bemoaning the fate of the returnees vis – a – vis  the prevailing challenges at home , the Chairman , Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs , Senator Ahmed Mohammed Bulkachua said the situation on ground is fixable as it was, with Ghana in the 1980s.

According to him, “if Ghana whose economy was in shambles in the 80s with over hundred of Cedis  exchanging for one US dollar , can positively  turn her situation around
to what it is today with 4.2 cedis  exchanging for a dollar, Nigeria can also do same if both the government and the governed ; can put their acts together in that respect.”

He however added that as it is , with other Countries of the world, there will be no situation where all Nigerians will remain in Nigeria .

“Not even developed or great countries of the world like the United States of America ( USA) , the Republic of China etc, have all their citizens domiciled at home but what must be addressed by us is to put things in proper shape so that those who will be travelling out , will  largely be for excursion or tourism reason and not greener pasture, as it is, now,” he said.

Earlier in his submissions before the committee on what the Nigerian government would be tabling before its South African counterpart during the coming state visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to South Africa, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mustapha Sulaiman, said wide range of issues would be tabled at the bi- national commission.

“Specifically , during the visit , memorandum of understanding ( MoU) and agreements between the two countries would be signed on means of preventing and mitigating such attacks in the future.

“Besides that , composite wise , during the visit , required mechanisms will be put in place for the Nigerian Commission there to have variety of information on Nigerians resident in South Africa.

“As at Wednesday, September 18, 2019, about 821 Nigerians affected by the recent xenophobic attacks, have either been evacuated home or indicated interest for that purpose,”he said .

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