As Lamido Barkindo marks 10 years on the throne…

Societies and nations are to a large extent shaped by the ability of their leaders. Thus it is pertinent to reflect as Lamido Muhammadu Barkindo Aliyu Musdafa celebrates 10 years on the throne. Barkindo is the first son of late Lamido Aliyu Musdafa. He was conferred with the title of Chiroma Adamawa in1980. He successful held this position for 30 years and ascended the throne of Modibbo Adama as 12th Lamido Fombina on March 18, 2010, following the death of his father on March 13, 2010. The emirate was founded in 1809 by Modibbo Adama and was one of the largest parts of the Sokoto Caliphate; Northern Cameroun, parts of Central Africa Republic and Sardauna local government area of Taraba state were all under the emirate. Barkindo was born a year before the founding of the United Nations and breathed just one year to the end of the Second World War, the highly educated Lamido in the history of the kingdom.  Since his coronation as the 12th Lamido Adamawa on June 19, 2010, not only Adamawa Emirate but the state and Nigeria in general have felt positive impact of Lamido Muhammadu Barkindo. His leadership qualities have shone brightly, portraying a leader who believes in action and making a difference.

Adamawa Emirate Council has been modernised, several changes have been made in terms of personnel, procedures and facilities have been upgraded. This has made the Emirate Council standout as a role model, making it more effective and relevant to contemporary world. He has awakened the conscience and psyche of the people towards the preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage of Fombina Kingdom and beyond. It was during this period that the Holy Qur’an was translated into Fulfulde language. The   National Conference of 2014, was one of the remarkable conferences in the country with personalities like his Royal Highness, the Lamido of Adamawa were he made meaningful contributions. The annual international horse competition, where many countries are invited to participate, was initiated by his royal highness. Other landmark achievements of Lamido include the establishment of Pulaaku FM Radio to promote the Fulfulde language and its reach culture as well as educate and informing the citizenry on government’s policies and programmes. The monarch constructed shopping plazas to boost revenue generation of the emirate. He successfully hosted the 10th anniversary of Tabital Pulaaku International in Yola.      

Other milestone achievement of his royal highness that has sparkled in the last 10 years is the quality advice and fatherly role he has played. He has repeatedly made it clear that, every leader at whatever level will account for his or her actions here on earth and the hereafter. The Lamido leads by example marked with honesty, humility, to make life better for his subjects. Just as Lamido Barkindo attaches importance to loyalty he is practical. This is why he has always asked his subjects to be peaceful, loyal and participate in government activities, policies and programmes. Another exemplary leadership style of his royal highness is that he appoints energetic persons to work with him and move the emirate forward.

Worthy of mention is the creation of offices of Sarkin Matasa, Wakili Mata and Wakili Tsapta who are doing a good job of sensitising the youth and women against drug abuse and other anti-social vices, which is unprecedented in the emirate. By this, the Lamido has demonstrated his capacity to put in the place effective structures to assess various sections in the society, which is important to promoting peace and unity. In a multi-ethnic and multi-religious setting like Adamawa state, this is an effective strategic and it goes to show the visionary leadership of Lamido Barkindo.

The 12th Lamido is also a leader that acts practically to bring succour to those in need. His philanthropy knows no bound. An instance of this includes his special assistance to flood victims and individuals displaced in the North-east region since 2012 to date. He has passion in assisting people. In this regard, he doleD out N5 million to the Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola Students Support Scheme, and donated vehicles to the Adamawa State chapter of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to enhance their community development service. The state owned media houses, Adamawa Press Limited (APL), Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and National Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) are beneficiaries of the benevolence of Lamido Barkindo. There are other areas too many to mention by which Barkindo has stood out in a class of his own in leadership. Of course, this difference should be expected going by the track record of the premier ruler. This is a man that rose to the sensitive position of commissioner of works and housing in the state and during whose time roads, housing and other infrastructure in the state were designed and executed.

Because of the tutelage and grooming he received from the widely revered monarch of all times, his father late Lamido Aliyu Musdafa, the 12th Lamido is known to be a just and fair leader who possesses the unique human virtues of courage, intelligence, honesty and decisiveness. The aforementioned, contributions and leadership style are just few from what his royal highness has. His readiness to give to his subjects combination of these rare human attributes, accounted for his easy ascension to the stool of Lamido Fombina.  Therefore, the last 10 years have been very eventful under Lamido Baba Barkindo. Happy ten years anniversary on the throne of your forefathers and wish you many more of successful years filled with good health, wisdom and courage.   

Allah hokke sabbugol bee njamu!

Aliyu writes from Information Unit, Modibbo Adama University of Technolgy, Yola, Adamawa state

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