As Akor raises the bar at NPC…

The African adage that one good turn deserves another is succinct as in the re-appointment of Dr. Kashim Yunusa Akor by the President Muhammadu Buhari as the substantive director-general of the National Productivity Centre, NPC. His re-appointment is well deserved because of the tremendious impact his first tenure had on the improvement of Nigeria’s national productivity and its sustainable growth.

The NPC, an agency of the Federal Ministry of Labour, is mandated with the sole aim of ensuring the growth of the country’s productive level. Since his reappointment two years ago, Dr Akor has been tiredlessly doing a lot to improve the living standards of the citizens through improved productivity. The need for a national productivity policy in line with global best practice has been the working leitmotives of the director-general. The improvements in the productivity levels of Nigeria is basically due to the agency’s policy initiative which was deliberately implemented to enhance productivity capacities.

The agency’s policies, designed to inculcate, determine, monitor and stimulate citizens’ productivity, have been quite impactful, thanks to Dr. Akor. The major focus of the enhancement of national productivity is the improvement in the living standards of all Nigerians.
All over the world, governments, workers and employers are united in their pursuits of enhanced productivity because greater productivity is the primary source of the improvements in the living standards of the people. Low productivity is an abberration because it is one of the root causes of the working poor phenomenom. People work long hours, often in the informal economy or in subsistence agriculture, but still do not even have enough to feed their families. So, the role of NPC in formulating policies to change this trend underscores Dr Akor’s achievements.
Raising productivity and ensuring that the productivity gains are equitably shared between business owners and investors: higher profits and shareholders value and workers:higher wages and better working conditions which is of critical importance in efforts to reduce poverty is one of the most important achievements of the NPC.

Productivity, employment and development can be fuelled through re-investments of productivity gains into products and process innovations, plants and equipment improvement and measures to enhance the skills and improving the workforce are of major concern to the DG. He is assiduously working on this policy for national sustainability.

To Akor, productivity is measured on how efficiently resources are used. He knows it can be measured in terms of all factors of production combined: total factors productivity or abour productivity, which is defined as output or value added divided by the amount of labour used to generate that output. The NPC through Akor is therefore working on policies and ways that would make our value added increasing towards growth and it is doing this by ensuring that labour is working smarter, harder, faster, and with better skills.

It is to the credit of the NPC, that today, governments, workers and employers are united in their pursuit of the national productivity goals and enhanced productivity because greater productivity is the primary source of sustainable route out of the working poverty and the basis and measures of competiveness in the global market.

The success of the NPC DG can be attributed to his usage of the social dialogue tool which is crucial to improving productivity. Social dialogue and collective bargaining have greatly improved productivity in all aspects of the nation’s economy. This has ensured several major development partners in the country support NPC’s efforts to raise incomes and profits, improve working conditions, ensure competitions and compliance with labour laws and enhance competitions through greater productivity. The NPC is dedicated to productivity and has many technical units to achieve this objective.

Kogi state is, indeed, proud of its illustrious son, Dr Yunusa Akor, for his astute leadership of NPC. Some Kogites are of the view that he possesses the rare leadership qualities of late Governor of Kogi state Prince Abubakar Audu. It’s believed that if he raises the tempo, the state’s continues search for a leader to face the symmetric and assymetric warfare of its people would have ended.
Musa Wada
Abuja [email protected]