Appointment of 45 new aides: Sen. Ezea deserves commendations

Distinguished Senator Okey Ezea, last week reportedly approved the appointments of 45 new aides from the six local government areas, that make up the Enugu North Senatorial zone.

This is unarguably the first time a Senator from Enugu North Senatorial district is having a human face and considering his people first, before the cabals.

Recall that, Senator Okey Ezea, is the 4th Senator to represent the zone in the National Assembly since 1999, and the first, outside PDP during the time under review. Now, he has become the first senator to appoint 45 aides across the 6 local government areas, cutting across many political wards in the zone.

This is also the first time Nsukka zone is having a senator whose impact is being felt in the National Assembly, just within one year in the office.

Note that, since his assumption of office, he has been very vocal in the red chambers, speaking to power and making sure that the deplorable conditions of some Federal roads in the South East is being addressed. He has also made giant strides to ensure that public power supply is being stabilized in Enugu State, particularly in Enugu North Senatorial district.

Ideke, as he is fondly called by his admirers, has also ensured that the Federal projects awarded during the 9th Senate is being realized in his own time. What else can I say?

For the records, I am not among his appointees, but I don’t need to be among them, before I commend him and draw your attention to his unprecedented achievements within the shortest possible time in office.

As someone who has been very close to Enugu politics, particularly in Nsukka zone, I can tell you that, Sen Ezea’s performance so far is unprecedented and deserves all the accolades, but you may wish to call it anything. Some may call it re-strategising ahead of 2027. But, my question to them is, who among the 3 senators that have represented Nsukka zone since 1999, have been this liberal and magnanimous with appointments? The answer is none, they probably settle their godfather in government house to get gaurantee for a second tenure and leave the people to suffer.

Nsukka zone is indeed liberated with the emergence of Sen Okey Ezea and his LP colleague in the green chambers of the National Assembly, Hon Chidi Obetta, exactly one year ago.

Happy first anniversary of Election’s victory, Distinguished Senator Okey Ezea, and Hon Chidi Mark Obetta. May your tenure in the National Assembly bring good news to our people!

Comrade Johnpaul Alumona,
Enugu State Co-ordinator, Peter Obi Comrades Assembly writes from Nsukka.