Appoint Shettima into your cabinet, youth groups urge Tinubu

Again, youth groups from across Nigeria have reiterated their earlier call on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to consider having the National President of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF), Alhaji Yerima Shettima, as one of his cabinet member.

The youth groups said the call has become imperative considering the role Alhaji Shettima had continued to play in stabilising youth activities, promoting peace and social justice over the years, not only in the North but in all the geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Represented by Samuel Garry, Ahmed Mohammed Rufai and Christiana Nicholas under the umbrella of Nigeria Youth for Peace and Social Justice Forum (NYPSJF), the group further stressed that it is expedient to bring Shettima to the fore and expose his salient but noble attributes to the world, so that it would attract the attention of the President emwho had emphasised on competence and youth inclusiveness in his cabinet.

“Although we do not sought for Yerima Shettima’s consent before clamouring for him to be appointed as Minister in the President’s cabinet to represent the youths, we felt it behoves on us to search for a youth leader with impeccable credentials and who enjoys a lot of goodwill from across the divides, to be part of the in coming administration ,” they said.

The youth groups’ representatives, in a statement made available to journalists recalled that for over a decade, Shettima was not only a galvanising factor for youth activism with direct impact on youth development and education; protection of human rights and from abuse, but had continously supported hundreds of youths, religion and tribe not withstanding in their quest for self development through education and trade.

“Yerima Shettima as the Minister would bring the desired unity in an important segment of the Nigerian population. He is well known in the promotion of political activities that encourages talents of youths in their path ways to professionalism in different endeavours.

“His offices and residences in Lagos, Kaduna and Abuja were always behives of activities where the youths and even the elderly, irrespective of religion, tribe or creed gathered to be counselled and assisted to be responsible, productive and respectable members of the larger society.

“Before, during and after the general elections; Alhaji Yerima Shettima and his organisation had not relented in his youth crusades for peace; a fact that even the youth wings of other sociocultural organisations from the Southeast,Southwest and South South could attest to, haven hosted them on different peace and youth development missions in the North.

“Although not known to be aligned with any major political camp,Yerima Shettima as the Minister would undoubtedly ,further rally support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu ahead of future elections, because he had proven to be a commanding voice in the region; who the youths earnestly listen to for guidance and subsequent action as was exemplified in different occasions in the recent past,

“Yerima Shettima’s activism dated back to days of military dictatorship where he and many others joined the struggle for liberation to the point of being arrested yet he never gave up the struggle, it is for these and many more we belief very strongly that he would be veritable tool that will stabilise the youths in this country,” they said.