Appoint professionals, increase funding to improve standard of education – Principal charges govt

The Principal of British Nigerian Academy, Anthonia Atebe-Ekah, has urged the government at all levels to appoint professionals with proven integrity in the education sector if it wants to get it right.

She also called for adequate funding of the sector by the government at all levels.

She stated this during the 13th Graduation, Speech and Prize Giving Day 2023 at British Nigerian Academy on Saturday

“Put round pegs in round holes, square pegs in square holes, get the professionals to do the job, to run affairs in the education sector and definitely will get it right.

“And I think funding is another thing. Government should fund the education sector more and put in people who have integrity and name to protect. When we have a combination of these characteristics, factors or elements by the grace of God will get it right,” she said.

On his part, chairman, British Nigerian Academy Nicholas Ukachukwu, expressed satisfaction with the quality of students the school has produced over the years.

He said, “I’m happy with the quality of students coming out of this school. They have carved out a niche for themselves in the larger society and they are marking waves anywhere they go. So I am really happy that 13 years later, the school is still forging forward.”

Speaking, chairman, Parent Teacher Forum (PTF) Barrister Paul Edeh, lauded the school for its zero tolerance for examination malpractices.

“I am talking from the background of some school proprietors who encourage examination malpractices but British Nigerian academy is not one of such schools.

“It’s either you pass or you fail. That is why you see that the number of students you see in this school is not a crowd but those who seek for quality.

“It is for that reason that I want to believe that once the right leadership is put in place particularly from the federal government, state government and from school administrations, we will have the very best interns of giving our children the right education that they can defend.”

Onyekachi Obi-Uzoigwe, Awardee for Overall Best Student in JSS1 commended the teachers of the school for the sound academic and moral lesson they impart in their students.

According to him, the academics in the school are nice because they do weekly tests based on what you have learnt.

“They push you to be the best and they paste the results of the test so you can see whether you passed or failed, which boosts your morale to put in more effort,” he said.

Likewise, a graduad, Chibuokem Johnpedro, said studying in the school has been an honour and a wonderful experience.

“I faced ups and downs. I am here right now very happy that I am graduating successfully and happily.

“I will advise parents and guardians to bring their children to this school because it is wonderful with a very good learning environment,” he said.