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APC govt tyrannical- Lamido

One of the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential hopefuls and former Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido, has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) led federal government of being tyrannical.

He also said the government is composed of largely self-centred and evil-minded persons whose do not have good intention for the suffering masses of Nigeria.

Alhaji Lamido, one of those rumoured to be angling to contest the PDP’s presidential ticket, said the PDP is determined to chase out the oppressive government of the APC noting that Nigerians have seen the difference between who meant well for the country and those that do not.

According to him, come 2019 the Nigerian people would not have tested two varying administrations, seen unrealistic change but would be in the position to decide between a tyrannical and evil-minded administration and the one that for 16 years cared for and developed the nation putting food on the table of Nigerians rather take it away as presently the case.

Also, the former decried the APC-led federal government resort to lies and intimidation and harassment of the opposition parties stressing however that no amount of highhandedness and cruelty against the PDP leaders would force the party to its knees.

He said the repeated arrest, detention over unsubstantiated allegation of embezzlement of stupendous amount of money would silence the leaders of the party nor prevent some of them from aspiring to redeem the nation for tyranny and misrule.

“No amount of threat, intimidation or incarceration can silent the leaders of the PDP from speaking against the wrong doing of President Buhari-administration,” he said and urged the people to revolt against the increasing hardship: hunger, starvation and economic and political slavery that they are being subjected.

“Nigerians come 2019 must revolt against economic and political slavery, hunger and starvation and nothing will stop them from doing so,” he said and assured the people that the PDP remains their only hope.

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