Another ‘cheating scandal’ hits Davido

Australian model Anita Brown has ignited a social media storm with allegations of pregnancy involving popular Afrobeats sensation Davido.

In the early hours of Monday, Davido became a trending topic online following reports of his alleged involvement with the model and subsequent pregnancy claims.

Brown has asserted that her mobile device was compromised, attributing the leak of her private conversations with the singer to the perpetrator(s).

The online community has not refrained from criticizing her for engaging in a relationship with a married man, accusing her of seeking attention.

Undeterred by the backlash and determined to defend her reputation, Brown retaliated by sharing numerous videos featuring herself and the DMW boss as evidence supporting her assertions.

Brown clarified that she only became aware of Davido’s marital status after their sexual encounter, at which point she discovered she was pregnant.

This was disclosed in a post on her Instagram page on Tuesday night.

She said, “Cut it out, I did not know that he was married. Go to his page, does it look like he’s married? Like I’m confused. Rest in peace to the child, people knew about the baby but nobody knew he was married. I’m in America, nobody here knew. Sorry, nobody here knows. It’s not on the blog, it’s not a big thing.

“If a man ain’t telling me that, I won’t know. Cos I wasn’t checking for it. I’m not looking to get married. I’m not looking for that right now. So that wasn’t something I was in search for….digging up or anything like that.

“So no, I didn’t know. I actually found out after the f^ck, then I found out after the f^ck that I’m actually pregnant. So y’all cut it off. I may be a fornicator but never an adulterer. Calm down! Nodody is here trying to mess anyone’s marriage that’s already messed up.”