Amo Farm felicitates Muslims at Eid el-Kabir

Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited extends its best wishes to all on the occasion of Eid el-Kabir. This annual celebration, known for its emphasis on sacrifice and generosity, is a time for giving and sharing with the less privileged.

Eid el-Kabir serves as a reminder of the importance of virtues such as love, peace, and unity, values that transcend religious boundaries. Amo Farm encourages everyone to embrace these virtues during the festive period and beyond.

Dr. Ayoola Oduntan, Managing Director of Amo Farm, emphasizes that Eid el-Kabir is an opportunity for reflection on the values of humility, sacrifice, and the cultivation of positive virtues.

During this festive season, Amo Farm invites everyone to enjoy its range of products, which are rich sources of animal protein, helping to combat malnutrition and promote overall well-being. The company’s Noiler Bird, in particular, offers significant benefits, producing more eggs and meat than traditional breeds. This makes it an excellent choice for nourishment and economic empowerment, especially for rural families engaged in backyard farming.

Itoro Awala-Ale, Amo Farm’s Business Development Manager, calls for adherence to principles that promote peace, tolerance, and love for one another. These values are essential for building a better society.