Always ensure accurate blood pressure check, expert urges Nigerians

As Nigeria joins other countries to commemorate World Hypertension Day and create awareness on high blood pressure, a specialist on cardiologist at National Hospital, Abuja, Dr. Oladipupo Fasan urged Nigerians to always check their blood pressure in order to prevent heart attack and diseases related to hypertension.

He said this in an interview during a television program Tuesday saying : “The atmosphere of the environment can raise your blood pressure. Checking your blood pressure after hospital is very important.

Dr Fasan noted that people don’t continue their medication because they don’t have symptoms and it is important to do so whether you have symptoms or not.

“The doctor will give medication to take everyday that will control your blood pressure and also reduce the risk of having heart attack, stroke and kidney problems.

“We advice people to take a teaspoon of salt a day and use natural spices like ginger and curry for their food but too much of salt intake is dangerous to human system.”

He urged Nigerians to check blood pressure at home in the morning and evening.