Allianz Africa launches its core it system transformation in Ghana

Allianz Africa launches its core IT system transformation in Ghana

Allianz Africa launched the transformation of its core IT platform with the introduction of the Allianz Business System (ABS).

The system was adapted for the African market and is now operational in Ghana for motor insurance products.

A statement by Regional Head of Communications, Allianz Africa,  Ludivine Delfaut, stated that ABS was developed by the Allianz Group with customer centricity at its core to connect Allianz with its customers and partners and all parties with a 360-degree view of all transactions.

This, the statement said, is made possible through a single platform. Its layered and flexible design makes it easy to adapt for market-specific requirements and processes. The main benefit for clients is the quick turnaround time in handling both claims and underwriting transactions.

This project, according to the statement, is at the heart of Allianz Africa’s core operational strategy. One of the first milestones was the launch of a new operational hub in Abidjan to steer the business transformation, stating  that the launch of ABS in Ghana will be followed by a phased-out implementation across Africa.

“ABS will transform how Allianz does business in Africa by enabling us to be more productive and to give our African customers a superior experience. It has also been adapted to support mobile money transactions, which is a unique way of buying insurance in Africa,” said Chief Operating Officer and Regional Executive Board member of Allianz Africa, Delphine Traoré Maïdou.

The statement quoted the Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Insurance Ghana, Darlington Munhuwani, “The decision to pilot and implement ABS in Ghana speaks volumes about the Allianz Group’s confidence in Ghana’s economy and the need for differentiation in the local insurance market. The use of technology to interact with both our customers and partners enhances efficiency and the speed of doing business.”

The first phase of the ABS rollout for Allianz Ghana, it added, is in respect of motor insurance and will be extended to other classes of insurance products and countries throughout 2019 and 2020.

The Allianz Group is one of the world’s leading insurers and asset managers with more than 92 million retail and corporate customers. Allianz customers benefit from a broad range of personal and corporate insurance services, ranging from property, life and health insurance to assistance services to credit insurance and global business insurance. Allianz is one of the world’s largest investors, managing around 673 billion euros on behalf of its insurance customers. Furthermore our asset managers PIMCO and Allianz Global Investors manage more than 1.4 trillion Euros of third-party assets. Thanks to its systematic integration of ecological and social criteria in their business processes and investment decisions, Allianz holds the leading position for insurers in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In 2018, over 142,000 employees in more than 80 countries achieved total revenues of 131 billion Euros and an operating profit of 11.5 billion Euros for the group.

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