Alake commends Nasarawa on lithium factory initiative 


The minister of solid minerals development, Dr Dele Alake, has applauded Nasarawa state for supporting the establishment of a lithium processing facility in the state and providing an enabling environment for mining operations.

Speaking while receiving in audience Nasarawa state governor, Abdullahi Sule, in his office, Monday, Alake stated that the investment of the state in the construction of lithium factory and efforts to secure the mining environment in Nasarawa underscores the commitment of the state government to mining sector development.

“I want to commend the governor for taking the bull by the horn and providing adequate security for mining sites. That is why we have a preponderance of peace around mining operations in Nasarawa. I commend that to other state governments as well. Also worthy of commendation is the immense support the state has provided for the construction of the lithium processing factory, which is nearing completion. It will be one of the largest lithium processing factories in Nigeria,” the minister said.

While urging other states to take a cue from Nasarawa, Alake asserted that partnerships with the federal government and private sector are paramount to ensure that the local value addition objective of the Tinubu administration is realised in earnest.

In his remarks, Governor Sule revealed that the first lithium processing plant being constructed is almost ready for commissioning, adding that other issues that centre around insecurity around mining sites and fostering cooperation with the federal government for mining development prompted his parley with the minister.  

Sule also hinted of the collaboration with the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) for the utilisation of lithium produced by the state as a raw material for the production of solar panels, motor vehicle batteries, amongst others.

“We had extensive discussions with NASENI for the use of our lithium as a raw material for their products and in the area of agriculture. I think that is one important thing that you are going to see from our lithium processing plant. NASENI comes in to buy the pure lithium so that they can be used in the manufacture of solar panels and motor vehicle batteries and their likes,” he added.