Ajunwa, Onyali, Alli lead as Nigerians celebrate Olympic day in Lagos, other states

The Olympic Day Celebration in Nigeria captivated the nation with its overwhelming participation from individuals of all age groups and diverse backgrounds.

From aerobics to short runs and physical tasks, as well as traditional dance; Nigerians across 16 states engaged in various physical activities, highlighting the nation’s enthusiasm for sports and the Olympic spirit.

In an impressive showcase of inclusivity, the Olympic Day Celebrations witnessed participation from Nigerians from all walks of life. People from different age groups, genders, and social statuses actively joined the event, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

This monumental celebration took place simultaneously across states, emphasizing the massive scale of the event.

Participants from diverse regions, including both rural and urban areas, came together to commemorate Olympic Day, showcasing the unity of the Nigerian people.

Exercise and aerobics were key highlights of the event, with participants of all ages eagerly engaging in structured exercise sessions.

These exercises played a significant role in promoting fitness and overall well-being, encouraging Nigerians to prioritize their health.

Running enthusiasts across Nigeria also enthusiastically participated in the short runs and races organized during the Olympic Day Celebration.

These athletic activities provided an excellent opportunity for individuals to showcase their talents and foster a spirit of healthy competition.

To further engage participants, numerous physical tasks and challenges were organized including cultural dance.

From obstacle courses to team-based sporting activities, these challenges enhanced camaraderie among participants and promoted the Olympic values of teamwork and perseverance.

The Olympic Day Celebration received immense media coverage both nationally and locally, with news outlets highlighting the participation of Nigerians from all walks of life.

This visibility and recognition provided a platform to celebrate the achievements of the participants.

The event received substantial support from government bodies and various organizations, reflecting the importance placed on promoting sports and healthy lifestyles in Nigeria. Thanks to their involvement, the Olympic Day Celebration was executed smoothly and contributed to its overall success.

The Olympic Day Celebration in Nigeria served as a momentous gathering that united Nigerians from diverse backgrounds in a nationwide celebration of sports and well-being.

The extensive participation showcased the nation’s unwavering enthusiasm for the Olympic values of friendship, respect, and excellence.

It emphasized the significance of engaging in physical activities for mental and physical health, fostering a sense of community among the participants. This event is sure to leave a lasting impact and inspire future endeavours in the world of sports and well-being in Nigeria.

In Lagos, Debo Oshundun reports that no fewer than 2,000 participants participated in the 2023 Olympic Day Run in Lagos.

Athletics, aerobic clubs and school children joined millions across the world to take part in the annual global event.

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in a message read by Habu Gumel, President of the Nigeria Olympic Committee preaches togetherness on Olympic Day celebrations.

The 2023 edition is tagged ‘Let Us Move’.

Bach urged member Associations to embrace sports as it embodies the spirit of togetherness as well as spreading joy to participants.

“The beauty of sports is that it inspires the world to move and it brings us all together as a community, no matter where we are or how we chose to move.

“When we do sport, it inspires us to always give our best. When we do sport, it keeps our mind and body strong and healthy.

Some Nigerian Olympians led by Chioma Ajunwa and Henry Amike were part of the event.

The Chairman of the Sports-for-All Commission, Ibrahim Abdul of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC), called on Nigerians to show interest in the global event.

”This is a significant event that promotes the values and goals set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC),” he said.

The Secretary of Sports For All Commission, Augustine Odigie, said this year’s theme for the Olympic Day celebration “Let’s Move,” was sending a powerful message of promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

”It is encouraging to note that 16 states in Nigeria participated in this year’s Olympic Day.

”This number showcases the wide participation and interest in the celebration, further reinforcing the success of the occasion,” he said.

Meanwhile, the highlight of the Olympic Day includes aerobics, dance, jogging and cultural displays.

The participants were issued certificates of participation.

The event took place at the National Stadium, Lagos.

In Awka, the Anambra a report by Patrick Anaso has it that a great Olympian, Mary Onyali-Omagbemi led the Olympic celebration.

Onyali, a Sports Ambassador of Anambra was a Special Guest to the state government having been invited by Patrick Estate Onyedum.

Onyedum, a member of the NOC Commission on Sports and Environment, also doubles as the Chairman of the Anambra Sports and Development Commission.

The celebrators were received at the Awka Township Stadium by Gov. Chukwuma Soludo and in Ondo State they were similarly received by the government of the day.

And in Edo State, another Olympian, Yusuf Alli, the Chairman of the Sports Commission presented the celebrators to Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu who received them on behalf of Governor Obaseki.

Other places include Adamawa, and Enugu, in total 16 states staged the event.