Air Peace CEO, United Nigeria Airlines Boss preach unity in diversity

The Chief Executive Officer, Air Peace, Allen Onyema and Prof. Obiora Okonkwo, the Chairman of United Nigeria Airlines, has appealed to Nigerians on the need to be one another’s keeper while working together in peace and unity.

Onyema and Okonkwo made the remarks at a dinner party organised by Okonkwo at the Ark in Abuja on Monday in honour of High Chief (Dr) Christopher Ndubuisi and High Chief (Dr) Kenneth Ifekudu, OFR who were recently confered with prestigious awards as men who have distinguished themselves and left indelible marks in their various fields of endeavour.

High Chief Dr. Ndubuisi, the Chairman of Pinnatech Group Abuja, emerged the winner of the Sun Investor of the Year 2024 and Champion Newspapers’ 2024 Manufacturer of the Year Awards respectively.

While, High Chief (Dr) Kenneth Ifekudu, OFR (Agbalanze), the Managing Director of Diamond Leeds Limited, scooped the Sun Business Man of the Year award as well as Champion Newspaper Philanthropist of the Year 2024.

Onyema said the era of devilish competition was over, noting that even though he and Okonkwo were in the same line of business, they were still best of friends, saying that it is the way to go.

“We share so much love because both of us believe that the sky is too big for everybody.

“There is no need for devilish competition. There is a need for collaboration. It is about our nation, Nigeria, and we have to make it move.

“So, we don’t have to compete devilishly. He is my friend. We discuss together and find out ways of improving our services together,” he said.

He said every Nigerian must imbibe the spirit of love and unity, void of ethnic or religious sentiments.

“All of us come from one God. Whether muslim or christian or hindu or whatever. We all come from one God, and except we all understand this, we know no peace.

“Whether Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Ibibo, Gwari, Nupe, Fulani, all of yoruba all of us, we are from one God.

“So when you hate people because of their tribe or God, you are killing yourself. It is not the person you hate.

“It is like you are drinking poison and expecting somebody to die for the poison you are taking. You always be the myopic.

“It won’t take you anywhere. So love is the name of the game,” he said.

He also appreciated the host for choosing to celebrate the two awardees, adding that his attitude and kind gesture show that he is a great man.

On his part, Prof. Okonkwo also stressed that everyone must learn to work in love and unity with one another, adding that he and Onyema see themselves as brothers rather than rivals.

“We are not rivals. We are brothers, we are associates, we are allies. It is that spirit we are preaching.

“It can work with you. It can work with anybody if they believe in it.

“We thank God, we called to celebrate two of our very own Abuja Stars, and I’m glad they responded, and we had fun.

“We give God all the glory. I pray He will continue to shower His grace upon me and upon all of us, so that we will always do his will, which will in turn benefit the rest of humanity and glorify His name,” he said.

An elated High Chief Ifekudu expressed joy and appreciation to the host Prof. Okonkwo for honouring him, adding that the awards he received was a testament to the fact that hardwork pays.

“Today, our brother, Prof. Obiora Okonkwo decided to honour me and my friend, Ikenga, for the countless awards we’ve received from some notable newspapers of repute in the country.

“I was awarded the Sun Businessman of the Year 2024 and Champion Newspaper Philanthropist of the Year. So you do feel that it’s worthwhile celebrating people who are doing well, especially here in Abuja.

“What our host, Prof. Obiora Okonkwo has done today is all about brotherhood, and that’s the spirit we all must emulate as Nigerians.

“He has admonished us to imbibe the culture of love. We must drop the idea of hatred (onyeaka na’m) or put me down syndrome.

“He has tried to showcase that by working together in love and unity, we can achieve greater heights, irrespective of the fact that you might be in the same business with another person.

“So, the message here is that each and every one of us must be our brother’s keeper.

“Talk good about your brother. Show your brother opportunities, carry your brother along while rising up, knowing that together, you will succeed,” he said.

Chief Ifekudu is a big player in the field of work contract business.

His company, Diamond Leeds, is known for executing large-scale projects all over the geo-political zones of the country and the ECOWAS Sub region.

In the same vein, High Chief Ndubuisi (Ikenga Umuawulu) also appreciated the host for going out of his way to ensure he and his friend were well celebrated and pledged to continue on the path of sustainable business growth for humanity.

An entrepreneur and investor of over two decades, High Chief Ndubuisi is popular for his integrity, humility, generosity, and massive investment in construction.

He has asphalt plants and owns construction equipment, with which his Pinnatech Engineering Nigeria Limited engaged in real estate, road construction, and rehabilitation, bridge construction, rehabilitation of water system, drainage constructions and road maintenance amongst others.

The versatile entrepreneur’s remarkable philanthropical works in Umuawulu, his home town in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State, through his foundation —High Chief Christopher Ndubuisi Foundation include: building of civic halls, health centres, roads, classrooms, boreholes.

Also, he offers educational scholarships, supports SMEs financially as well as build houses for widows and indigents.

Dr Ndubuisi is applauded for his gigantic creative investment in ICT, real estate, and construction, amongst others, which have given employment to thousands of Nigerians.

Mr Femi Oyelade , one of the managing partner of the Ark, where the event took place said it was a pleasure to host such eminent personalities at the lounge, adding that their goal is to continue to recognise and celebrate all Nigerians doing well in their various fields of endeavour.

“The Ark is an entertainment lounge and garden, seated at The Dome Entertainment Centre Abuja. Your one stop Entertainment resort in the Federal Capital territory.

“We want to continue to attract Nigerians from all works of life to come here and experience maximum fun and entertainment while celebrating those that truly deserve it,” he said.