Ago-Are 72 squadron mobile police and the plights of Oyo people by Kunle Ogundokun

The 72 squadron mobile police commissioned in Ago-Are has generated various intellectual discourse ranging from cheating, partiality, injustice to berayal of trust in one side and to justice on the other side.

Those that are well informed and vassed in history will know that there is no basis for rancour over the issue because there has ever been close ties between Oyo and Oke-ogun and Baba is Alaafin of all, he has defied so many odds times without numbers to bring scores of greater achievements to Oyo state.

He did the same thing during the military rule when he requested for University that is presently in ogbomoso. The iku baba yeye is too exemplarily gigantic for only Oyo town, he has carved niche for himself in the world that anyone anywhere in the world can get anything with his name.

On this matter, I want to appeal to us to come together as one in the state rather than empathizing our differences as it will underscore our sense of unity. Oyo state will be more than the sum of our number together but we will be less than the sum of our number if we are torn by our differences.

Facts about Oke-Ogun

What is regarded as Oke-ogun area of Oyo State today is made up of ten Local Government areas of Iseyin, Itesiwaju, kajola, Iwajowa, Atisbo, Saki-East, Saki-West, Irepo Olorunsogo and Orelope out of all 33 local governments of Oyo state.

Oke-ogun area has two-thirds or 68% of the land area of Oyo state. 27,415,097 km square.

There was a very close affinity with the old Oyo kingdom and Oke-Ogun before economic and political crisis forced the people of old Oyo to flee to the present Oyo. From this, it can be seen that oke-ogun is Oyo.

It is within this region, specifically, the area around Igboho that the old Oyo (Oyo Ile) was situated. This was untill the eighteenth century when economic and Political crisis forced the people of old Oyo to flee to the present Oyo.
Therefore, Alaafin is Baba of all.

His Imperial Majesty,
Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III (J.P, C.F.R, LL.D, S.A.P, D.LITT),
Iku Baba Yeye,
Alaafin of Oyo.
The Permanent Chairman, Oyo State Council of Obas and Chiefs.
The Grand Custodian of Yoruba Culture and Tradition.

Omi tutu ti njoni lara,
ti o ba rerin ogun lonsa,
bo o ba nkaawe ogun lo nsa,
b’o ba sun ogun lo nsa,
b’o ba nrin ogun lonsa,
b’o ba joko ogun lo nsa,
ekun, erin, alujannu enia ti o fi awo keinkein joko, ti o nfi awo elede ki irun.
Kabiyessi, Igi pe l’Oko o hu Olu
Agbado pe l’Ebe o yo Irukere
Agilinti pe n’Igbo o d’Egbere
Esuru pe l’Ebe o di Gudugudu
Irun pe l’Ori o di Ewu
Egbo pe l’Ese o di Jakute
Ako Aroro pe l’Ori Iroko o f’Ara jo Alagemo
Isu ló gb’Ojo Odun ni isu ta l’Oko
Kókò ló gb’Oun Arira ló la’le wù l’Egan
Àkèré-àkèyò ló gb’Ojo Odun lo keriri-kèbebe,
A d’Ifa fun Odún pe. A bu fún Odun jo,
N je Odún pé, Odun jo
B’Odun ba dun a ri nkan Ajodun
Pipe l’Owu s’Aro
Bi Omo Owu n ke koro ti n ke Kara
Idaro ni yoo k’Ehin l’Agbede.
Kabiyesi ooo

The Crux of the matter

Oyo State is made up of four administrative zones.

Oke-Ogun is made up of 10 out of 33 local government areas in the state, with a population of about 2.7 million (as per 2006 National Census). Oke-Ogun has the largest landmass (about 68 per cent of the entire state), but lacks any noticeable government presence. This, according to the people of Oke-Ogun, is an indication of successive governments’ insensitivity to the plight of the people.

Oke-Ogun is wider in geographical spread and thicker in population distribution than states such as Akwa ibom, yobe, jigawa, Rivers, cross Rivers to mention just a few. According to the latest census provisional results, cross Rivers State has a population of 2,888,966, kwara has 2,371,089, Taraba has 2,300,735, Bayelsa has 1,703358 and yobe, 2,231,591. Since oke ogun area constitutes about two thirds of the present Oyo state with a population of 5, 591, 589, the oke ogun projected population should be 3, 727, 726 which is far more populated with wider geographical spread than the above-mentioned States. Even if the area is half of the population of Oyo state as some critics wish to contend, the population will still be about 2,750,000: a very appreciable population by all means.

Aside its agricultural prowess, mineral deposit, the proximity of the zone to the border further makes it attractive to smugglers though their activities further endanger the people of the zone as a result of accidents, shoot out with authorities and more often, expose their farms to damage by smugglers that drive through farmland to evade arrest. This also questions security in oke ogun.

And in spite of the fact that there are many Fulani settlements scattered across the zone, the activities of herdsmen is also a major issue for the people as many farmers and their loved ones had lost their lives to deadly herdsmen who invade their farmland in order for their cattle to feed on crops.

For the people, this is a major challenge and the end seems not in sight as they continue to lose their products and lives while it seems there is no one interested in their plight.

Oke-Ogun has been adjudged to be richer than some prosperous African countries like Botswana which is rich in diamond due to solid mineral deposits which it has in abundance and is unmatched by other zones in the country. It has marble, gold, tourmaline and talc among other deposits.

Therefore, based on the above reasons, it is not needless to locate the mobile police in Ago Are considering the number of local government areas it’s meant to serve. We are one, and security of our brothers should be our concerrs. Oyo o ni baje o!

Ogundokun is a social commentator from Okeho, Kajola Local Government Area of Oyo state.

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