Affirm me as 2019 presidential election winner, Owuru tells Supreme Court

The presidential candidate of Hope Democratic Party (HDP) High Chief Ambrose Albert Owuru has asked the Supreme Court to restore his mandate as the winner of the 2019 presidential election.

This according to him followed the recent motion on notice he filed, dated June 23, 2023.

Owuru on the suit marked in SC/CV/667/2023, noted that “since Nigeria practices constitutional democracy and rule of law, it was only proper that the adjudged constitutional winner of the 2019 presidential election be allowed to serve his constitutional term of office as acquired from the mixed judgement of the presidential election court which held in August 2019 in the case of Owuru V. Buhari, that the respondent’s (Buhari, INEC and APC), having abandoned their pleadings had admitted as true to Owuru, the petitioners, case as the unopposed constitutional winner of the 2019 presidential election.”

Owuru, who insisted on the restoration of his “usurped adjudged Divine mandate which President (Muhammadu) Buhari held onto and by the recent court joining of (Bola) Tinubu before his inauguration 29th May”, maintained that the said court decision of August 2019, “having not been cross-appealed by the respondents or set aside by any court, does not require any further validation for the adjudged winner of the election to serve a constitutional term of office as guaranteed under the country’s laws, as well as international laws and protocols, irrespective of any use of abuse of office and intimidation by the respondents to usurp his divine mandate to serve a term of office as required by law.”

A statement from the office of the HDP standard bearer fruther noted: “In the seeming prevailing contentions, the Supreme Court is now asked to stop and limit any unrestrained access of Senator Tinubu to the state treasury without the National Assembly approvals and authorisations, including appointments to preserve and protect the nation’s unity and progress.

“It is our law that even where equities are equal, the first in time takes precedence. Nigeria is blessed by the adjudge acquired divine mandate of Chief Owuru, if anyone thinks the recent flashes made by Senator Tinubu as sign of action, we think otherwise. It is only a sign of cover up, consolidation, personal aggrandisement and conspiracy by the ruling party and cabals to hold the nation to ransome in the long run.

“The wonder of the divine mandate of Chief Owuru, the political philosopher, British trained constitutional lawyer and publisher of two classical African series on a New Africa, Wealth Creation and Redistribution under Afric Communalism, a new modern governance concept unknown to the prevailing capitalists, and eighteen laws of ballot revolution through which principles and deft political move and knowledge he won the said election against the cabals without stress.

“As a one man riot squad, he is a combination of action, vision, intellect, courage and uncommon bravery to confront Africa’s and Nigeria’s problem head-on.

“He is the divine answer we have all looked forward to.”

He maintained that by the foregoing, the Supreme Court should heed his new motion and limit Tinubu’s access to the state treasury pending the interpretation and enforcement of his right to a term of office as the adjudged constitutional winner of the 2019 presidential election.