Afenifere hails NASS on proposed constitutional amendment


The Pan Yoruba socio-cultural and political organisation, Afenifere, on Thursday hailed the National Assembly for waking up to the reality of the need to cut the cost of governance and restructure the political system in Nigeria.

Afenifere gave the commendation in a press statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Comrade Jare Ajayi made available to journalists.

The pan Yoruba socio – cultural and political organisation noted that while the proposed change in the political system from presidential to parliamentary “is okay, what the country needs now is not just a shift from one system of government to another. 

Afenifere, however, faulted the notion that the proposed amendment should take effect in 2031, saying, “No. This should not be. All legislative works regarding restructuring along with the shift from presidential to parliamentary must take place within the first two or three years of this administration”. 

“The new law can be test-run in the states’ elections that will take place in 2026 while the 2027 general elections must be conducted on the basis of a constitution proclaiming United Regions of Nigeria under a Parliamentary System of Government”, it said.

Afenifere added, “Such a system should be one that confers powers to the constituent parts on matters affecting their respective areas. In other words, the constituent parts must be able to determine a lot of things about themselves in as much as such determination does not negatively affect or threaten national interests.”

The pan-Yoruba socio cultural and political organisation charged 

the lawmakers not to take Nigerians on another circus show, saying, “There is the fundamental need to have the country returned to the type of arrangement we had before the military incursion in 1966.”