ADSI provides medicare for Kuchingoro IDPs, urges citizens on care for less privileged

The Arewa Development Support Initiative(ADSI) has provided medical care for over 100 children suffering different ailments in new Kuchingoro Internally Displaced Peoples IDP camp.

The group called on well meaning Nigerians to support the less privileged in the society especially in accessing quality healthcare as government alone cannot take care of everything.

A member of its Trustee, Sulieman Ubale Ibrahim, while fielding questions from Journalists during the outreach on Saturday said it became pertinent to reach out to the children’s medical needs following the prevalence of a selected diseases at the camp situated by games village in Abuja.

Ibrahim stressed the importance of quality healthcare for all citizens, expressing concerns on the unhygienic and poor living living conditions of the indigents.

He therefore called on all and sundry to join hands and provide a conducive living for the IDP’s especially the children, describing them as the future.

“I’m calling on all Nigerians whether from the north, south, east or west, or you are Christian or Muslim for us to join hands because these people need help and government alone cannot do everything.

It’s not just about food items but the care. A little care you show to someone can make them feel better. We have lots of challenges in the country and if we all don’t take the responsibility to take care of these kids they are the menace you see tomorrow.

“If we don’t care for them they may be the Bandits, kidnappers and armed robbers tomorrow. If you ignore and say you have money to send your kids abroad and live a better life how about 20 -30 years from now? What will happen and what do you expect from these kids that you have not given care and attention today,” noted.

“We carried out a research and realised that the children in this camp have gastroenteritis disease ring worm, malaria, ringworms typhoid and a few other ailments so we decided to set up a medical outreach, we came with test kits, medications and those who may need further care we will refer them to hospital and follow through to ensure they are fine,” he assured.

PRO of ADSI, Tor Solomon Abam added that aside the health issues in the camp, there is only a block of school with many children to teach, adding that the accommodation is also not conducive.

“ADSI is calling on all relevant stakeholders to come to the aid of the children in particular because they are human beings and it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of them.

The Medical Outreach Coordinator, Dr. Ahmed Sani Bala,
said there is a prevalence of ringworms, scabies, hepatitis, malaria and diarrhea diseases at the camp, saying that they are concentrating on ages 17years downwards to ensure they are better.

Meanwhile the Woman Coordinator and only Teacher at the camp, Hannatu Andrew, lauded the outreach move by the Organization, saying that lately most kids at the camp were sick and suffering different ailments.

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