Adamu Gwarzo: A humanist extraordinaire

All the religions of the world teach doing good for people. Doing good is an indelible mark in the heart of the receiver. I once read that “It pays to be good” in the book of Noel Streatfeild written in 1936. An African proverb says sow good and you will definitely reap good. For sure, good people deserve commendation for others to emulate.

Being a good person entails different meanings with various analogies. A good person can be anyone that gives comfort to people’s pains, help them achieve their targets and/or assist them realise their dream.

To partake in building a country is a responsibility of all citizens but only the good people do. Building a nation demands much from each citizen. We can make our nation what we want it to be if we all put our hands on deck and contribute to its needs. With a little contribution, we can make impact on our lives and that of others. One of the good things to do for our country now is to assist people to fulfill their educational needs.

Adamu Gwarzo, a young northern Nigerian professor from Kano state, has become the beacon of Nigeria’s education with the vigor to help and provide a system of education that sells in the world. With vast experience as a professor, journalist, administrator and a business mogul, Gwarzo’s tireless efforts birth a new dawn in Africa. Gwarzo is an educational entrepreneur whose contributions are changing the landscape of Africa’s dogma on education.

With the establishment of Maryam Abacha American University (MAAUN) in Maradi, Republic of Niger and another university in Togo, Professor Adamu Abubakar Gwarzo had set a good pace in Africa’s domain of learning.

With the passion and quest to evolve education to meet the demands of the modern world employment in bilingualism, Gwarzo’s has established another American University in Kano, Nigeria. The university offers more than 15 courses.

Recently, the National Universities Commission (NUC) on 9th June, 2023, issued operating license to Canadian University of Nigeria, Abuja and Franco-British International University, Kaduna owned by Professor Gwarzo.

His first outstanding university in Niger, Maradi is a pacesetter in changing Africa’s stereotype of knowledge to suit the 21st century education curricula by combining languages to teach and study. The university is named after Mrs Maryam Abacha, wife to the late head of state General Sani Abacha. It’s the first private university in Africa.

The remarkable achievements of Professor Gwarzo are not about expanding knowledge in Africa but helping people to actualise their dreams in education and by touching millions of lives through his foundation.

With millions of admission seekers in Nigeria, Gwarzo is closing the border-gap of education tourism. His magnanimity in expending millions of dollars to provide education, assist the less-privileged, and reducing climate change effect is remarkable.

The Adamu Gwarzo Foundation has become a pain reliever to many people. The foundation spends millions of dollars to meet people’s needs and bring succour to African nations. In 2021, the foundation donated a 66-seater luxury bus worth N50 million and a N20 million ambulance to Kano University of Science and Technology Wudil (KUST). It also donated 60-seater buses to Kaduna Polytechnic, Al-Istiqama University Sumaila, Kano state, Bayero University, Kano and a public Nigerien university.

Adamu Gwarzo Foundation supported the publication of two books; Pantami: The Trials and Triumphs of a Digital Economy Maestro,” written by Mal. Yushau Shuaib and “eNaira Revolution: A Peep into Nigeria’s Cashless Future,” authored by Mr. Abdulrahman Abdulraheem. In 2022, Gwarzo Foundation empowered 100 indigent women of Kano state with N50, 000 each. It also donated N1 million for stranded Nigerian medical students in Russia.

Gwarzo’s compassion is immeasurable. In June, Gwarzo gifted a house to one of his security guards for his dedicated service. Gwarzo empathises with the poor, assists the vulnerable and cushions the pains of people irrespective of tribe or religion. He is considered as an extraordinary human being whose vision is to build bridges of friendship. He is God-sent to Nigeria to unchain the manacles of progress, disaster and retrogressive education and climate change. Professor Adamu Gwarzo, indeed, deserves commendation and prayers.

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim,
Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna state
[email protected]