Adamu Garba and the audacity of fundraising

Lately, one of the young people we have in the North, Adamu Garba, from Adamawa state, North-east region, declared his interest to vie for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the 2023 elections on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC. 
Adamu, a young entrepreneurial pedagogy with fervent ability for learning, that nestled the slogan of Youth-4-Youth Movement, is a source of motivation, inspiration and encouragement to the Young generation that we still have hope in leadership. He revived our buried ambition for government and leadership.
After I read his declaration of interest speech, and his visionary slogan, “This is my Nigerian vision for the Presidency”, I learnt that bundles of courage and bravery are embedded in this young man. He meant business-like to his ambition. On the other hand, he courageously identified national malaise like corruption, unemployment and insecurity into his priorities. If elected, he would myraids of challenges bedeviling this country.
The young Adamu, apparently in his 40s, and who has not held any public office prior his declaration, is likely to be a corruption-free-citizen, and he would make a good president if elected and be the ‘Mr. Integrity’ we were craving for earlier. As he said, “We failed many experiments with individuals that know nothing but public service”. 
At the tender age of 40, Adamu’s mind is not obsessed and dominated with greed.His dreams of lifting the country close to heaven by transforming it to 21st century’s Nigeria. He desires a Nigeria that can compete globally in terms of diplomacy, development and economic productivity.
Audacity of fundraising
It will require the audacity of Nigerians to donate their hard-earned money to the fundraising to enable the aspirant to buy the expression of interest and nomination form. This phenomenon was first introduced to the political space of Nigeria by President Muhammadu Buhari. He bamboozled Nigerians to send their cumulative income to his ‘fes benk’ account. 
Many Nigerians saw this as fraudulent and daylight robbery, which the aspirant used to avoid bankruptcy if he lost at the primaries. This beguiling technique was used twice by Buhari in his democratic sojourn. Thus, it has become the norm among among promising politicians. it’s a Nigerian political culture detested many.
To me, if this fraud is allowed amidst the prevailing economic hardship, only two political idols deserve the gesture – Senator Shehu Sani of Kaduna state, and Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of Kano state.
However, Adamu Garba ll has also  adopted this strategy and paved his way to national limelight. But he received the shocking response of his life, as most of the respondents took his notion as a joke and responded with a kind of joke never witnessed before.
The sad part of it is that,  some unscrupulous individuals and political aye-sayers are busy promoting this delusional love to spendthrift governor like one of Yobe state.
In a saner clime, people used their hard-earned money to sponsor a candidate, but with the kind of deceit we witnessed from the previous candidate that went through the same system, the culture has to be stopped and allow people to deal with the incompetency of these politicians.
Ali Tijjani Hassan,Potiskum, Yobe state.