Actress Tonto Dikeh expresses desire for Islam

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has stated that she is a fan of Islam.

The actress said that her greatest wish is to understand the faith.

She said that Muslims should be emulated for their commitment.

The actress begged for God’s blessings on every Muslim and asked what she might offer to a mosque other than money.

Tonto Dikeh expressed her disappointment at not hearing the prayer calls and her wish to go over there and inquire as to why they hadn’t prayed today.

In a post on her Instagram, she wrote, “I wake up to the best sound every day for the past four years. It’s the sound of love and dedication, the sound of God’s beauty and love.

“If I wanted to donate to a Mosque what do I give aside money? God bless every Muslim, I hear your prayers. May Allah answer you.

“God/Allah is love. I’m deeply touched. My biggest prayer is to understand the Muslim faith. Their dedication and intentionality is worthy of emulation.” (I feel like going over to the mosque now to ask why they didn’t pray today?”