ActionAid harps on gender responsive investment in education, end to injustice

ActionAid Nigeria has emphasized the need for gender responsive investment in education, employment schemes, equitable health care services and end to all forms of discrimination and corruption.

The Country Director of ActionAid Nigeria, Ene Obi at the “No to Racism, Black Lives Matter & Nigerian Lives Matter” rally on Monday in Abuja said  that corruption bedeviling the country is choking Nigerians, saying  “we cannot breathe”.

She explained that the global campaign against racism will be fashioned as struggles directed towards tackling political issues.

She further explained that the struggle will be the vessel for the forging of an ideologically based nationalism that challenges the disregarding of black lives everywhere.

“It is instructive that the anti-racism voice of this struggle aims straight at the heart of the matter: life, and particularly that of Black people.

“The language of Black dignity and liberation will continue to provoke struggles and consciousness that will shape the ideology upon which political agenda needs to thrive.

“We also want to add that the waves of global Black migration will also critically contribute to the dynamics of these Black social movements.

She also called on states to domesticate violence against Persons Prohibition Act.

“We must end child marriage now. We also demand maximum sentence for rapists and paedophiles.

“With 21 years of democracy experience, Maternal and Child Mortality are still on the rise. We must get children off the streets.

“No one must be left behind. We must also put an end to the insecurity ravaging our communities! The live of Nigerian Women and girls matter.

“The Abuse of one girl or woman is the Abuse of all girls & women in Nigeria.

“We still call on the President Mohammadu Buhari to declare a state of emergency on Gender Based Violence for justice delayed is justice denied! Democracy must be made to work for the people, particularly, those at the bottom of the pyramid,” she said.