Abia is now hostile, by Chibuike Godwin Onyendilefu 

No regime can within its constitutionally allowed tenure, address all the issues of a state, no matter how skilled and benevolent it is.

The imperative of allowing periodic elections  in any democratic space is to ensure that fresh ideas and energy are brought to push further the frontiers of democratic deliverables for the overall benefit of the citizens 

Accordingly, every state or country must at some point and of necessity, change leadership through the process of elections.

It may also be part of the reasons for the colourful ceremonies that underscore the importance of the periodic rituals of transfer of the mantle of leadership from one regime to the other  inorder to symbolise and welcome the renewed hope and expectations of citizens.

Government as they say is a continum.It is therefore preposterous to think that the intendment of the drafters of our constitution would be that change in leadership should result in the rancorous anihiliation of what the previous governments stood for or incurred, either as assets or as liabilities.

Every government should therefore serve as a source of renewed hope for it’s citizens, not a source of fear and anxiety.

Abia has had four handover ceremonies since the return to democracy in 1999.

At no time have we witnessed the type of adverse and hostile enviroment as we have today in Dr Otti’s Abia where a state governor is raising vindictiveness to the status of statecraft.

In my opinion, the past governments in Abia, without exclusion, did their best to the best of their abilities, given the unique circumstances and the resources that were available to them.

Aside from their genuine efforts to add to what they saw on ground, they ensured that the sense of oneness and commonality that have served to bind us together in the past were never lost on the altar of primitive elevation of self sense of superiority.

It is for this reason that Abians woke up to the rude shock of hearing the introduction into our political lexicon of the novel phrase ‘hostile takeover’.

The term hostile take over connotes the hostile acquisition of a company by another against the wish of the one being acquired.

So the question that begs for answer would be how the patrons of ‘New Abia’ smuggled a coinage that describes the unfair monopolistic attitude upon which inordinate corporate rivalry is predicated, into our democratic space where consensus and inclusiveness  are major requirements of statecraft. 

Is it possible that we have inadvertently brought on ourselves an undemocratic clichè that has now turned to hunt us?

For the first time in Abia, we are having a vegetative House of Assembly that is totally emasculated of power with a leadership structure that is vague and clearly a negation of it’s own house rules and extant provisions of our laws.

For a government that began its hostile take over even months to the terminal date of its predecessor’s tenure, flashing of Caucasian men who claimed to have come from the construction giant, Julius Berger, stirred up expectations from unsuspecting Abians that  unprecedented and unheard of, never seen development was about to be unleashed in our dear state soon after takeover of government.

Sadly, those roads and other promises remain unattended to.

Perhaps the rudest shock for Abians is the present state of Aba river, Ogbor Hill, popularly known as Waterside which has sadly turned into a massive dump site since the coming of the government of Dr.Alex Otti.

For the 8 years of Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Ph.D, he ensured the yearly dredging of Aba River to curtail the perennial threat of flooding of Aba metropolis.

Aside the rude shock of the sack of hundred of thousands of Abia workers at this time of severe economic crunch,  the present state of Aba Waterside ranks as one of the worst tragedies of this present government if one remembers that Dr. Ikpeazu  improved the estatics of that area, relocated the market to Ugwunagbo and demolished the cattle market and abattoir to make way for what turned out to be a sightly green zone that the waterside became all through the tenure of Dr. Ikpeazu.

Abians and Aba residents cannot forget some of these things no matter what any body does.So the attempt to undeservedly shame the governments of the past in Abia, especially the tenure of Dr. Ikpeazu will not prosper.

No matter the adversarial schemes, Dr. Victor Ikpeazu will be vindicated.

UNI Agric Markurdi
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