Abia 7th assembly brouhaha: None of them is sanctimonious

Having followed the drama that has engulfed Abia State House of Assembly lately, I make bold to submit that the events that have so far played out have further exposed that the 7th Abia House of Assembly, disappointed their constituents and Abians in general, thus failing to lift Abia.

As lawmakers, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria makes it explicitly clear that these individuals and the arm of government should sit to deliberate on issues revolving around their constituents for at least 182 days in a year. Regrettably, available records have shown that even at the Committee levels, Abia lawmakers did not even sit up to half of the number leaving many wondering at the job of the lawmakers aside pocketting sitting allowances, constituency allowances among other largesse.

The current 7th Abia Assembly which will be winding up in some weeks, sits when she so pleases. I recall when there was impeachment moves against the Deputy Speaker, Rt Hon. Ifeanyi Uchendu and other principal officers of the House, The House and members absconded from their duties by abandoning plenary all through that period while their colleagues in other states were busy passing bills into law. In all these, Abia and her people were kept in the dark for a while without anyone asking.

I recall again, a video which made the rounds with Rt. Hon. Uchendu hailing the acumen of the younger Orji as the Messiah of the Legislature. A question now comes to mind, how come the revolution is beginning belatedly? Where were his balls then or were they in the incubator waiting for the mystic mist to bring them to life?

I make bold to say that the Uchendu camp has no form of justification to call for Orji’s head without first submitting themselves for public assault because they were all contributors to the general abysmal performance of same 7th House.

This now brings me to the issue on board, how can a faction of the House, who have endured, participated in the legislative business of the House for the little time they held plenary, suddenly wake up from slumber and plot the impeachment of the Speaker whose records have shown that he decides on what largesse as well as when the House should sit.

Without mincing words, the lawmakers should collectively share in all that has befallen her lately as none of them should claim to be sanctimonious than others. Abians are aware that the lawmakers need more largesse especially as those who failed election will be retiring to meet their constituents having failed to represent well.

They should spare us some peace and allow time to put them through the judgement of history. Both factions are all casualties.

While the embattled Speaker may have survived the impeachment moves, it is also worthy to point out here that as the Speaker of the House, he erred as the leader. Instances abound where he deprived members of their entitlements as well as running the House like his own personal business which was exactly the offence the former Speaker, Rt Hon. Martins Azubuike was accused of.

Aside that, he also has to provide answers why he did not allow a House under his watch sit for at least 182 days a year unlike their colleagues in the National Assembly. Despite these shortcomings, he was still receiving all due him.

On the part of Abians, they have a responsibility of questioning their representatives especially when the Abia 8th Assembly is constituted in June. There should be no more sitting on the fence, the masses should always ask pertinent questions regarding how their representatives are currying their plights, including shouting when their legislative rascality sets in as well as when they are not sitting but receiving all due them as lawmakers.

Abians have been sidetracked for too long and going forward, they must hold their representatives in the executive, judicial and legislative arms accountable and stop being armchair critics which has further jeopardized our progress as a people.

Long live Abia State, long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Izuchukwu Nwokoma, is a Journalist and a Public Affairs Analyst.