Abba Kyari: Issues and posers

Since Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, died people are trending words through social media and traditional media about him, ad he was one of the key men in this administration. 
In March 2020 he traveled to Germany and Egypt for the sake of improvement of “power” electricity supply in Nigeria. But COVID -19 which over two million people are battling with, Abba Kyari was not exempted from the deadly virus and tested positive. Unfortunately, he lost the battle against the novel pandemic virus.  Before his death, some Nigerians were at large pointing to the fact that Abba Kyari was one of the people preventing President Buhari from doing what is good for the country, as well as stopping people from seeing the president as the door opener to the Aso Villa. There was a report that Abba Kyari didn’t allow Nigeria’s first lady Aisha Buhari to have a contributing access to President Buhari, and other cases like that. But one thing you cannot take away from the demised chief of staff, which I consider as a problem sometimes, is the fact that he refused to tell his own story, no matter how serious the allegations were. 

Particularly, young Nigerians were calling him all sorts of names, abusing him for allegedly usurping the power of the president to override other public office holders as well as politicians.
Notwithstanding, the condolence messages sent to President Buhari and Abba Kyari’s family over his death, surprised all, as prominent Nigerians such as former presidents Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Yakubu Gowon, all governors, traditional rulers, party leaders both ruling and opposition, corporate organisations, foreign presidents, and well-meaning individuals are praising Abba Kyari even feeling sad for his departure. 

They are saying that his person will be sorely missed. Many described him as brilliant, intellectual, compatriot, loyal and honest as well as hardworking man who stood by his boss as well as understood his boss’s direction and contributed immensely to the development of Nigeria. 
My questions:Were we not seeing all these qualities in him before attacking Abba Kyari when he was alive? Was it politicians that were instigating us to say bad things against him because of politics or for denying them causing problems for this administration? 
Or, willingly, we just didn’t like him as a person? Or spirit of fake news that is prompting undesirable inaction and action? What do we want from him that he rejected us at that moment? 
Now, can we trust politicians and the elite again for allowing us say bad things about him without consideration? 
Now, all leaders of Nigeria are saying good things of him, telling us Abba Kyari is a man of honesty and his position as a chief of staff is very difficult to fill. President Buhari needs trustworthy person and loyal man to occupy the vacuum. 

We need to learn from his life story, either to be as good as he or even more than him as people described him. One’s direction should be how to develop this country and change the subjective narration.. It is our utmost hope that the president will look for one that is more loyal, honest, intellectual, compatriot and hardworking than Abba Kyari. 
I pray Almighty Allah to forgive Abba Kyari’s shortcomings and grant him Jannatu Fidaus, amen! 
Mohammed writes from Sokoto via07068966891[email protected]

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