A word for the youth

We seek better life, better nation and better leaders but we ignore the fact that one person can’t make the changes we seek, it has to be collective efforts. Let us start by changing ourselves to become better citizens, make changes from our homes, and manage the little resources available to us well.

No leader can change us if we don’t put in efforts. The sage says “you can’t quench another person’s fire when your home is on fire”. It is high time for us to put heads together and stand up to what is right, then encourage it and kick against what is wrong and walk away from it.

We shouldn’t give up in our strength and ability. It’s high time we started to think about humanity before religion and tribe as a nation. No matter where you come from, no matter your religion we are one. Election is around the corner, just counting days.

Stand up to your right, vote for who you believe is capable and competent, one who has vision and mission to move the country to greater heights, one whose agenda can be realised not fake promises. Let’s work together to see that the forthcoming elections are peaceful and fruitful. Election is not war, we should not make it look like one. We should protect ourselves and property and not destroy them.

Let’s respect the personnel and not abuse them. Do your best and leave the rest. Charity begins at home. If we want peace let us be peace itseif. Youths should say no to being used as political thugs. We are educated and responsible, always have this at the back of your minds. God bless Nigeria.

Department of Communication,
Bayero University, Kano