A producer asked me to sleep with him for a role–Suwaiba Makauniya

Suwaiba Abubakar alias, Makauniya joined in 2008 with a very strong desire to be a successful actress but unfortunately it was the year that the scandal hit the industry and this discaouraged her as she quietly went back to her Katsina state of origin. The 34 year old actress who is a divorcee, confessed that her former husband provided her with all the necessities of life, including a good shelter, proper feeding and fine apparels as well as adequate care.  However, Suwaiba said that her one year marriage was lacking in one respect, which she refused to disclosed for now. When the secondary school leaver joined , Suwaiba said that she has had her own share of sexual harassment as one prominent producer had promised to make her a star is she yields to his amorous advances but she refused. In this interview with ALIYU ASKIRA, the actress said that she wants a God-fearing man as a husband. Suwaiba also told him that she has been jilted by different suitors who had proposed to her on two occasions but ‘’ when the wedding plans drew nearer, they took to their heels, they betrayed me.’’

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your age and level of education and some of the films that you have so far appeared in?

Well, I am a divorcee; I was married before but after one year the marriage crashed without a child. I am from Kastina state and my first film was Awarwasa but it was released after my second film Makauniya was out. But as you can see, I am not blind but people called me Suwaiba Makauniya. In the course of shooting films, I have visited Abuja, Kaduna, Katsina, Jigawa and of course Kano, the home of .

There are a lot of misperceptions about Kannywod. If you are to advise your colleagues, what areas do you want to be corrected or amended in order to project a good image of the industry?

Well, I am not in position to influence anything. Our leaders decide and run the industry the way they like but, the truth is there was a time when I was still fresh in the industry that one of the big guys asked me to sleep with him and in return, he will make me a star but I refused.

Many girls may have jumped at the chance, why did you rejected the offer of becoming a star since you are not married; was it a religious or ethical decision?

Morally, I am not corrupt. Well, at my age of course it is natural that at times I feel like having a man around me but I have ways of overcoming it like fasting or reading holy books. The industry has changed, now you have to bring sureties and fill a bond form before you join the industry. The issue of censoring films before they are released into the market has also brought about sanity.

What were the challenges that you encountered when you first joined the industry?

Yes, there were challenges; after all, we are here to educate and create awareness about what is happening in the society. I had and still have tremendous respect for those in the industry but I never involve myself in romance with producers, directors or fellow actors.

But like I told you, I am a divorcee, I married in Dutsinma before but after one year, the marriage packed up. The guy is okay, I did not lack anything, but we parted ways and the reason is private to me. I am seven years old in the industry and I want to settle down again.

Presently, I am staying with my sister in Kano, I am ready to be even a fourth wife.

Who are the actors and the actresses that you admire the most in the industry?

Almost all of them, but when I joined the industry, my stars were Maryam Jankunne, and Hamisu Iyantama but now I admire Ladidi Fagge and Tahir Fagge a lot. As for me, I am still very much in the industry; my last film was Ranan Jumma’a, it was shot last month.

Right now, I am also into many films that are still in the offing, acting is the only job I know and everything that I have got in life are from proceeds of films.

Who is your godfather in the industry? Will you allow your children to join Kannywood?

Whoever cares for me is my godfather and as for my children, why not? I will allow them, I will encourage them and pray for them. I have no fear of what is happening in the industry. It is a decent profession, though I don’t have a house or car, I have other worldly possesions that I acquired through acting, I thank God and my profession.

You said that you left your husband’s house about nine years ago, are you saying you don’t have suitors or admirers, seeing how beautiful you look?

Honestly, suitors have been coming but funny enough most of them are after my body. There are those that we have even reached the stage of fixing date for our wedding; I can remember two instances. But at the eleventh hour, they disappeared. I am now scared of men. You know Hausa people said if you are once betrayed, you will be extra careful next time. That is what I am doing.

Is it correct to insinuate that your ex husband is behind your inability to get married?

Capital ‘no’! I don’t blame him and I am sure he will not want me to come back. We love each other so passionately but we had to separate and the reason for our divorce still remains secret between the two of us.

Let’s call a spade a spade, was he is not satisfying you?

(Long laughter…pause) Well, its personal to us (laughs again)

Do you like partisan politics?

No but because of Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, I will say I like him because he has changed lot of things in Kano. People now have confidence in politicians.

As for whether I will accept if he proposes to me? Haba! Even without asking me, you can guess my answer but that is not the issue now. My prayer is for him is to be president of Nigeria in 2019 or in future.

How do you spend your time if you are not shooting films on location?

l pray and sleep. You earlier asked what I hate about the industry. I hate to hear that an actress or actor director, producer, is involved in a scandal that will affect our corporate image like the Maryam Hiyana scandal. Up to now, I have refused to watch the so called adult film, its haram to watch fellow human beings naked or to watch blue films.

You mean you won’t watch those films even with your husband?

With my husband why not? And let me say this, I will never act nude for any amount, its un Islamic.
How will you feel if your children see it?
But as a house wife, my husband is free to see me naked same with me. As for whether as divorcee, I may have temptation sometimes. Well, I am human and in good health but whenever such comes up, I have the solution to it, which is to fast or read holy books in order to douse my feelings.

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