A personality sketch of Pate

To write on Professor Muhammad Ali Pate, you need a silver chair and hands joined with some revered professors across the globe to brainstorm on how to put words down. Sketching the profile and the remarkable records, legacies and humanitarian services rendered by Pate to add joy and comport to the human society need to be excellent narrative by communication gurus, for effectivity of the messages.

Pate is distinctive, you know why? You can see a politician but not a professor, or a professor only remains at academia; but, Pate mastered all, the jack of three trades – a professor, physician, and a politician. He holds the traditional title of Chigarin Misau. Whoever meets Prof. Ali Pate will tell you how benevolent he is. His comfort is to put smiles on people’s faces. He contributes immensely to the development of Nigeria.

In life, we are frequently confronted with pivotal moments that force us to grapple with difficult decisions that have the power to shape our identity and define our values. Pate, a former minister of state for health, was at such a crossroads. At this intersection, his priorities, values, and aspirations clashed, ultimately leading him to make a choice that astonished many; he turned down an offer to be CEO of GAVI in order to serve his fatherland.

The news of Pate’s choice reverberated throughout the global health community, sparking discussions and speculation about the motivations behind his surprising decision. His selection as the CEO of GAVI had been met with widespread anticipation and excitement, as his impressive credentials and stellar reputation positioned him as a strong candidate for this influential role.

However, amidst the grandeur, Nigeria’s healthcare system has long been burdened with numerous challenges, ranging from inadequate infrastructure and funding to limited access to quality healthcare services for its vast population. In the face of these pressing issue. Pate’s decision to return and contribute his expertise, knowledge, and passion to the betterment of his homeland, was a momentous act of patriotism and selflessness.

The track records of Pate, and his contributions to nation building show that he did it before, and he will do it again. Thus, if another opportunity, notably, as a minister, Prof. Pate will serve beyond our expectations. We have seen his meritorious service as a minister in 2011. The results are that more can be done to take Nigeria to greater heights.

Habiba Aminu Yakubu,
Bauchi, Bauchi state