5 reasons MetaTrader 5 App is great for trading

The past few years have witnessed an influx of obsolete trading tooфls that prevent you from taking advantage of the dynamic and constantly shifting forex market. However, you don’t have to worry about that now. There are unique and effective trading tools and platforms that make trading easy for stakeholders and increase their chances of success. Many are familiar with the mt4 for pc download. However, MetaTrader 5 is also a powerful trading platform that offers modern tools and functions to keep you at the forefront of trading.

The MetaTrader 5 app is one of the most widely used options for mobile trading among experts and newcomers. In this article, we’ll explore the vital benefits of using the MetaTrader 5 app and how it can help you take your trading to the next level.

Benefits of mobile trading with MetaTrader 5

Through MetaTrader 5 applications for iOS and Android devices, traders can log into their trading accounts and complete transactions away from their desks. It is a beneficial tool for traders, who must monitor their holdings and react to real-time market changes.

On any device running Android, MetaTrader 5 for Android enables 24-hour trading of currencies, stocks, futures, and options. The variety of its features is practically equal to that of the desktop version. Below are some of the opportunities you enjoy when you download the app:

1.    Quality Indicators and Graphical Objects

One of the significant advantages of using the MetaTrader 5 app is its superior charting features. The traders using this platform have access to more than 80 different technical indicators and analytical tools. This allows them to perform thorough technical analysis more quickly. The charts here are time-frame-switchable, dynamic, and simple to customize. Changing the charts to depict various periods, chart types, and indicators gives traders greater flexibility in their study.

2.    Different Asset Classes

Through the MetaTrader 5 mobile app, MT5 offers exposure to various financial markets and asset types, including equities, foreign exchange, assets, and cryptocurrencies. This makes it much easier for traders to broaden their holdings and take advantage of the market’s numerous possibilities.

3.    Trading System

MetaTrader 5 for Android has a robust and adaptable trading system with a depth of market and separate transaction and order accounting. The Depth of Market (DOM) function, a part of MetaTrader 5, allows traders to keep track of the volume and liquidity of each price level in real-time. Forming trading judgments based on trustworthy information and comprehending market emotion benefit from this.

4.    Prolonged Set of Orders

MetaTrader 5 mobile app users can plan and submit requests for the broker to conduct trading operations. The tool also enables leadership and oversight of available roles. You can employ various trade order types for multiple reasons. An order is a client’s request to execute a trade transaction through a brokerage business. You can classify orders on the platform as either marketable or pending. “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit” orders are next to them.

5.    One-Click Trading Function

In financial trading, trade execution speed is crucial. To maximize their chances of making money, traders work to arrive at the market early. Now, you can conduct deals with a single click using the straightforward one-step process known as “one-click trading.” This functionality came to be for more seasoned traders who prioritize speed to simplify the trading procedure and reduce order time to completion. It also makes easier to identify and jump on important trades.

6.    Built-in Chat Feature

A free built-in chat is available in MetaTrader 5 for Android, allowing users to communicate directly with other MQL5 community members from the platform. You can now send an instant message straight to the phone of a particular receiver. Traders can also talk with any member of the MQL5 community whenever they want and wherever they are using a mobile device.

7.    Push Notifications

You can use this practical function on the MetaTrader platform to receive an alert whenever the market of your choice achieves a particular price point you are watching.

You can schedule your days more effectively and systematically if you establish a vital price level alert while keeping track of significant market developments. Consider these price notifications as your private trading help to keep an eye on the markets in case anything important occurs while you are away.


The robust and user-friendly MetaTrader 5 mobile platform offers traders a wide range of advantages for online trading. It provides a comprehensive range of tools, indicators, and analytical features to assist traders in making wise judgments and carrying out trades swiftly and effectively.

This app is an adaptable system that can satisfy the demands of both beginning and seasoned traders thanks to its comprehensive features and customization possibilities. Anyone wishing to enhance their trading should give it some thought.