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‘40,000 women die of maternal mortality annually in Nigeria’

Association for Advancement of Family Planning in Nigeria has decried the high rate of maternal mortality in the country, noting that over 40,000 Nigerian women die annually.

Chairman of the group, Dr. Ejike Oji, who disclosed this in exclusive interview with our reporter, further said that the use of modern contraception in family planning would reduce maternal mortality by 30 per cent.

Oji, who is also focal point person for Global Initiative 2020 Family Planning, said though family planning in Nigeria had not progressed as expected in the last 10 – 15 years,  “we have remained at the contraceptive prevalent rate of about 10 percent, but luckily, with what our association has been doing with government, the situation is becoming different”.

He stated that reports some years ago, found that about 70 per cent of all maternal death was within the age of 18 and below.

“Therefore, anything we can do to stop younger people between the ages 18 and below from getting pregnant, it will further reduce maternal mortality rate to 50 per cent.

“Family planning alone can reduce maternal mortality to 30 per cent and that means women should have the knowledge of how to manage their fertility, get pregnant when they want and stop bearing children when they want”, headed.

About By Raphael Ede, Enugu