25 harmful effects of sugar


We all know sugar is not the healthiest product on the earth but often don’t care about it. So here are a few eye-opening reasons why it is so harmful to your body. You’ll definitely consider going on a sugar-free diet after going through these facts.

25. Weight gain
Not only the fat in your food makes you overweight but sugar also. As soon as you consume sugar, the body quickly stores it in your liver so the blood sugar and insulin levels are stabilized. However, if you won’t eat sugar, your body will balance itself out.

24. Addictive
Everyone knows that sugar effects your weight, but not many have heard that it is addictive, too. Moreover, in 2007 James Cook tested the impact of sugar on mice and the results showed that it is more additive than cocaine. The body releases opioids and dopamine when sugar is consumed.

23. Withdrawals
Just like every drug, sugar also makes you suffer when you come off it. Sugar withdrawals truly exist. They come in many forms; headaches, fatigue, mood swings and other detox effects. Try to cut it from your diet slowly step by step.

22. Fatigue
You must have noticed a couple of times that after having a sugary beverage or meal, the only thing you want to do is fall asleep. When your sugar intake is high, you are less likely to get the nutrients that your body actually needs to keep it functioning. This causes a sudden bust of energy and makes you feel really exhausted.

21. Shortening lifespan
Besides becoming fat and sick, your life expectancy is getting lower and lower every time you take in a lot of sugar, as well. Scientists believe that the latest generation of kids might be outlived by their parents who were eating healthier food than their children. Follow your parents diet!

20. Makes you hungry
Eating those empty calories with no nutritional value called sugar, only welcomes hunger. After insulin is released due to the rising sugar level, your body is trying to find balance and lowers your blood sugar, causing increased appetite. You can easily get stuck in a never ending hunger cycle.

19. Bad economy
Growing sugar consumption also has a negative impact on the economy. Fist of all, most countries have to import it which obviously costs a lot. In addition, sugar causes many serious illnesses such as diabetes and hearth diseases, so health care costs rise significantly.

18. Belly fat
The sugar stored in your liver mostly goes to your belly. No surprise that often this is is the most hated part of our body. If you want to look good in swim wear next summer, forget about sugar now!

17. Destroying teeth
Cavity is just another harmful effect, since some bacteria in your mouth feed of sugar. You have to take care of your teeth for a lifetime and going to the dentist costs a lost. Lower the chances by consuming less sugar.

16. Worse skin
There is an important link between your skin and the amount of sugar you’re taking in. Everyone always tries to get rid of wrinkles and to have a smooth skin, but the solution to them are very simple. Eat less sugar and more healthy foods!

15. Influence blood pressure
An excess of sugar can lead to high blood pressure. The result is associated with fructose only, the type of sugar which can be found in table sugar. Mainly men have to put up with high blood pressure from sugar.

14. Negative effects on brain
Cognitive impairment and memory loss is closely connected to the over consumption of sugar. Furthermore, studies have shown that children who drink more sugary beverages before tests did worse than others.

13. Cause diseases
There’s a lot more illnesses sugar can cause next to diabetes and hearth disease. Sugar is also related to depression, Alzheimer’s disease and various food allergies. Unfortunately, a recent study showed that sugar feeds cancerous cells and aids their growth.

12. Promotes inflammation
Inflammation is a part of the the immune responses and not always a bad thing. But, eating sugary foods can cause excessive and inappropriate inflammation only promoting aging and diseases.

11. Suppress growth hormone
Slow down the aging process by naturally enhancing your body’s production of human growth hormone. To do that, try simply stay away from foods containing a lot of sugar. Exercising, eating healthy and avoiding stress in general can also help.

10.Harmful in general
In moderation, consuming sugar is okay, since it is naturally present is many foods. However, it contains no nutrients, protein, healthy fats or enzymes. Just empty calories that pull minerals from the body during digestion.

9. Makes your organs fat
Sugar makes fat not only you but your organs, as well. A diet high in fructose could lead to globules of fat building up around your organs. If you feel like you need sugar, eat fruits containing a lot of fiber, which helps blunt the sugar shock to your system.

8. Destroying liver
Sugar and alcohol have similar toxic effect on liver because it metabolizes them the same way. All the fructose getting into your body, overloads your liver, leading to potential organ damage.

7. High cholesterol
For a long time, people blamed saturated fat for unreasonably high cholesterol level and heart diseases. The real cause is the sugar, not fat.

6. Metabolyc disfunction
High sugar intake can lead to experiencing symptoms known as classic metabolic syndrome. It means weight gain, abdominal obesity, decreased HDL and increased LDL, elevated blood sugar, elevated triglycerides, and high blood pressure.

5. High uric acid levels
Fructose intake is linked to increasing uric acid level, which is a problem because it is used as a marker for fructose toxicity and is a risk factor for heart and kidney diseases. So try to avoid sugar as much as you can!

4. Silent killer
Excess fructose consumption increases leptin resistance. Leptin is the hormone that sends signals from the brain when you’ve had enough food. In case it does not work, it can easily lead to overconsumption and obesity. There are no warning signs or symptoms, it destroys your body without you noticing it.

3. Turns smile upside down
Many reach for food, especially sweets, to feel better when they’re feeling low. Surprisingly, the effect is the opposite. A study showed that there is a connection between depression and eating sugary sweets. The brain releases lower levels of dopamine in people with insulin resistance.

2. Tense blood vessels
Added sugars cause excess insulin in the bloodstream, which affects your arteries negatively. The smooth muscle cells around blood vessels grow faster than normal. Tense artery walls put you on the path to high blood pressure.

1. Genetic addiction
The sugar addiction already mentioned before may be genetic. People who had genetic changes in a hormone called ghrelin, usually consumed more sugar than those that had no gene variation. This hormone tells the brain that you’re hungry.



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