$240m commission: Oil transaction facilitators protest against NNPC, CBN

… Accuse agencies of using Buhari’s name to delay payment

Transaction facilitators in Canaf Petrochemical Refineries Incorporated sourcing and supply of Bunny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) and other petroleum products from Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) have protested against the NNPC and CBN over alleged deliberate delay of their transaction payments.

The protesters, Wednesday, gathered at the NNPC Towers, Abuja, bearing plycards with different inscriptions such as “NNPC Pay Us Our CANAF Facilitators Commission Approved By Mr President; “NNPC Pay Us Our CERAN Facilitators Commission; Mr President Is Aware Of The Transaction, NNPC Pay Us Facilitator Commission; and “Is It Not Wrong To Bring An Investor To Nigeria?”

Addressing journalists, the Head of Transaction, Mohammed Abubakar, said “We are the country content representative of sale of Nigeria crude oil (BLCO) to CANAF Petrochemical Refineries Incorporated.”

According to Abubakar, they were protesting, “For NNPC to pay us our facilitators/ consultant commission $2:00 USD per barrel.

“Mr. President approved the transaction since 2018. We don’t want our money to go with the old NNPC as new NNPC is about to take off.”

He commended the security agencies for providing security for them during the protest, stating that the facilitators had in a letter dated July 8, 2022, and addressed to the Inspector General of Police, IGP Usman Baba, given notice of their planned protest.

It reads in part, “NNPC and CBN for deliberately delaying our transaction payment.

“The transaction was approved by Mr. President on high profile confidential supply of BLCo LPFO and LNG.

“We are going to protest to let the world know the NNPC and CBN are using Mr. President’s name in trying to embezzle our money whereby the President is not aware.”

Canaf Petrochemical Refineries Incorporated in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) dated September 28, 2021, and duly received and stamped by the office of the Minister of State Petroleum, and sighted by our correspondent stated: “We, Canaf Petrochemical Refineries Incorporated enter this MoU with our official mandate, Mr. Anthony Awa Mba, and our Consultant, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, for sourcing and supplying our Refinery with Bunny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) and all Petroleum Products from NNPC and Nigeria.

“We, Canaf Petrochemical Refineries Incorporated, requests that all concluded transaction payment belonging to our Mandate, Mr Anthony Awa Mba, and our Consultant, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, covering and concerning the said products supply should be done to their bank account directly by NNPC and the Presidency with immediate effect.”

The MoU signed by the Executive Vice President/CEO, Portolio Management, Product & Marketing, Mr Okwii Modekwe, furtehr stated: “Canaf Petrochemical Refineries Incorporated has agreed that Mohammed Abubakar who was appointed through Mr Anthony Awa Mba, Mandate, and authorised Mohammed Abubakar as Consultant to receive $240 million payment made to NNPC through the block fund of $1 billion date 19/07/2018 – (13:05:20).

“The Consultant, Mohammed Abubakar, should settle the facilitators and agents and transfer the balance to the Mandate, Mr. Anthony Awa Mba.”