23-year-old dancer, Martina, to launch multimedia dance studio in Abuja

Peter Martina, award-winning Whiskey Mistress Dancer, has disclosed that all arrangements are in place to launch a multi-million-naira, entertaining, and the largest dancing Multimedia (Martina Studio) in Abuja.

In a chat with journalists ahead of the unveiling, Martina showered praises on many , including her boss, Dr. Adenike Isi Adeeko, who is the brain behind the project.

“Well, I thank God because I don’t even know how I’m feeling now, to be honest. I’m overwhelmed. I can’t believe it. I talked about it last year, and it was just an idea, and this year everything is okay, waiting for the official launch,” the 23-year-old said.

Martina Studio comprises a dancing academy, fitness, photography, and makeup sessions.

According to her, Martina Studios is a multimedia studio where you can come in, have your makeup done, get your pictures taken, or shoot your videos.

“You can have a sip and paint hangout with your friends. It’s also a studio where you can do dance fitness, with a variety of dances that you love, such as salsa, ballet, Dancehall, and more,” she added.

On thethe project, she said it costs millions of naira, considering the equipment we have put in place and lease costs. She doesn’t have the specific figure for now but estimates it to be over 150 million naira.

Speaking on her inspiration, she said most of her inspiration came from her boss because she was her first employer in the dancing career.

“Before here, I was not being paid to dance, but she paid me to dance and also made me realize that there’s more to dance than just the normal way people see it. Dancing is an art through which you can give out good vibes, entertain, and actually make money from it.”

While praising her colleagues, she said, “at Whiskey Mistress, we are family, and none of us saw this project coming. It is all about work and working together to push the nightclubs forward because we are both creative and innovative here.”

“We are all creatives at Whiskey Mistress. We come up with different ideas every day, especially now that people are going through a lot, and they depend on nightlife and entertainment to cool off. I believe that we are doing our best to make sure everything is alright. I have learned a lot under my boss.”

Speaking on Adeeko’s impact on her, she said, “The seasoned hospitality guru is an angel in human form. It is my prayer always to make her proud of me and not let her down.”

“In these days, even your own family. It’s very hard. It’s very, very, very hard to find someone that will support you not only support you push you, still invest in you and see that you are going.”