2024 Children Day: Private school proprietors fete pupils

The National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) Karshi chapter on Monday celebrated the 2024 World Children’s Day with vibrant festivities and heartfelt speeches, emphasising the importance of nurturing and supporting the younger generation.

The celebrations took place across the chapter’s 11 wards, with Loko Tiye, under the Karshi Development Area, serving as the central hub for the event.

The national president, NAPPS, Dr Hajia Samira Jibrin, in her opening speech said education is not a solitary endeavour, but thrives on a strong partnership between parents, educators, communities and the government.

Represented by the financial secretary of Nasarawa state NAPPS, Mrs Yemisi, she said, “We should commit ourselves to the noble cause of empowering the Nigerian child for the future by enabling them to develop critical thinking, problem solving, higher order thinking, effective communication, collaboration and entrepreneurial abilities that would allow them to create their own opportunities and impact their world positively.”

The chapter chairman, Hon Abdullahi Mohammed Abbaisa, who delivered a speech, highlighted the immense potential of the current generation to leverage on technological advancements for their growth and development.

He urged children to take full advantage of opportunities, saying, “You are growing up in a time where technology can be your greatest ally. Use it wisely to learn, create, and innovate.”

To teachers and parents he said, “It is imperative that we strive to be their best friends and confidants. Create a home where they feel safe to share their thoughts, fears and their mistakes. It is within the warmth of your guidance that they will learn the most valuable lessons.”

He therefore, called on the government for greater support for private schools education even as he pointed out the challenges faced by them particularly heavy burden of multiple taxation, which complicates their operations.

“The current taxation regime is stifling the potential of private schools. We need the government to reduce these taxes and invest in the training of teachers and the development of educational infrastructure,”he said.

The day’s celebrations were filled with joy and excitement as children from various schools showcased their talents through performances, games and creative displays. Many children took the opportunity to call on the government to improve educational infrastructure.

“We want to compete with our counterparts from advanced nations. We need better facilities and more opportunities to learn and grow,” they said.

NAPPS Karshi chapter’s celebration of World Children’s Day 2024 was a resounding success, filled with hope, joy and a call for better future for all Nigerian children.