2023: Wike set to announce preferred presidential candidate

Governor Nyesom Wike  of Rivers state, has said he would announce his preferred candidate in the forthcoming 2023 general election in January.

He stated this during the commissioning of the tenth flyover at the Obio-Akpor local government area of Rivers state.

“From January next year, I will campaign to my people whom they will vote for. So all of you who have been in suspense, saying all manner of things and abusing me, wait January comes.

 “Not only will I tell them where they will vote, I will move from state to state telling them why they should vote the people I said they should vote for. Nothing will happen.

“So all of you, appearing on television, abusing me, don’t waste your sliver again, January has come. Don’t waste your sliver and going on your platform.

“It’s not to be on the podium and raise your shoe high and raise your wristwatch high, time has come to convert it to vote.

“Those who have never been stabled, moving from PDP to… and there back to PDP, those of you who made campaign in 2015, telling Nigerians if they vote for PDP, they are voting for insurgency, corruption, wait all of us will reply, we will tell Nigerians this thing you said how far what is the system now, is it the same PDP or a new PDP?”