2023: The ideal candidate

As the echoes of 2023 general elections get louder, different personalities are declaring their political interest and strategising towards their political ambitions. Nigerians are generally shocked and amazed by the quality of candidates contesting for various elective positions.

But beyond sentiments, blind followership and religious or ethnic biases, leadership qualities, excellent antecedents, intellectual capacity to face problems and ability to provide pragmatic solutions, should be the focus of every Nigerian.

In reality, the country is in dire need of strong leaders across board. Therefore, we need competent and capable aspirants in the recruitment process. The 2023 general elections will be a big hurdle.

However, it is imperative for Nigerians to pay keen attention to the leadership recruitment process and stay awake. In fact, it is not out of place to vote across party lines in the quest for credible personalities should be the rallying point in the selection process.

We are at a crossroads and we need decisive leaders to tackle the menace of sheer negligence of duty of the police and armed forces brutality, industrial strikes by labour unions, banditry, corruption, kidnappings, terrorism and other forms of criminalities.

Global economic woes and high inflation rate have also caused poverty to Nigerians. Therefore, for our democracy to continue to thrive, we need competent and principled politicians in all elective positions.

While it is the constitutional right of any interested Nigerian of age to vie for public office and be voted for, the country needs respectable personalities that have sound character traits; credible, focused, equitable representation, consistent and purposeful and result-oriented leaders.

We need sustainable growth therefore we need people who can think out of the box for economic dependence.
We are in need of personalities that can be acceptable to most Nigerians, irrespective of our religious and ethnic prejudices.

Where are those Nigerians with futuristic ideas and selflessness? Nigeria needs them now more than ever. We don’t need governance of absenteeism but a leadership that has empathy, love and compassion for its people. Nigeria seriously needs great men/women of value to forge ahead.

Imam Maiyaki,
[email protected]