2023, Santalin Lafia and Nasarawa state


Since the restoration of democracy in 1999 until 2011 elections, when the table turned, Nasarawa state has always been a proud home of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The party won all manners of elections conducted in the state at all levels, which forced opposition parties to extinction .
Thus, PDP primaries in the state were tougher than he general elections, because it was believed that whoever emerged as the party flagbearer at all levels will win the general elections without stress. This illusion became intoxicating and blindfolded the party into taking the electorate for granted perpetuating all forms of impunity and undemocratic tendencies that finally nailed the coffin of the party.
The inept PDP administration of ex-Governor Akwe Doma of blessed memory failed woefully to live up to expectations of the people of Nasarawa state. This failure led the party to its early grave in what most political analysts described as the first political revolution or rescue mission in the history of Nasarawa politics – Governor Tanko Al-Makura of the then CPC succeeded Doma.
Al-Makura emerged from the business world to hit the politics of Nasarawa state like a thunderstone with the sole aim to rescue the people from political bondage and stunted development. His decision to salvage the state and its people was not without tribulations, especially when his popularity and acceptability evaporated beyond the thinking and understanding of his detractors and cynics.

Political persecution and campaign of calumny were launched against him and his projects were frustrated, among other political vandaetta by the then government in connivance with the so-called political elite in the state who believed it was their birth right to always derermine the destiny of the state for their selfish interest and who initially described Al-Makura as a joker, inexperienced and his ambition as dead on arrival all in a bid to frustrate him. But Al-Makura refused to bend let alone break in his determination to free the people of the state. And with God and the.masses by him, he triumphed and put them to shame to emerge as governor against their wish.
Al-Makura came fully prepared and armed with noble ideas and vision for a prosperous Nasarawa state. He promised to leave the state better lthan he met it. He stated in his inaugural address titled “A fresh start and a new deal: “Let it be said when the modern history of our dear state comes to be written when we are tried and tested we were not found lacking in moral fibre, that we did not falter or even flench and that when finally we took our exit we left Nasarawa state in a far better form or shape than we found it or than anyone has ever dared to imagine.
True to this commitments despite intimidating challenges, financial strangulation, decayed infrastructure and frightening debt profile Al-Makura succeeded to re-write the development history of the state and raised the bar of governance in Nasarawa state with his footprints scattered across all the nooks and crannies of the state in all sectors. He did not only changed the development narrative of the state but was also seen as unprecedented and the best ever since the creation of the state in 1996 which earned him his nickname of “The architect of modern Nasarawa state.

Disappointedly, Al-Makura’s decision to impose Governor Abdullahi Sule as his successor against more competent, credible and popular aspirants, some of who stood by him politically, is Al-Makura’s greatest political blunder and disservice to the people of Nasarawa state.
The last two and half years of Sule administration in Nasarawa state is a disaster and one of the darkest era in the history of the state akin to not having a government at all. There is virtually nothing on ground to showcase as achievements or dividents of democracy despite the huge resources that came into the coffers of the state and claim of improvement on the internally generated revenue which have not added any value to the people..

Amidst this poor performance and ongoing efforts by the so-called political elite to re-impose a failed government on the people of the state for their selfish political interest one man whose name continues to ring a bell as the champion of this second phase of rescue mission in the state and the most suitable and credible alternative to Sule come 2023 is Mallam.Gambo Umaru Yakubu, the Santalin Lafia and Danmadamin Azara. 

Yakubu epitomises a new hope in the collective aspiration of the people of Nasarawa state to have a better and secure future where development will flourish in all sectors of the state as envisioned by its founding fathers. Santalin Lafia is a man of many parts – a philanthropist, successful business man with business linkages across the globe, an entrepreneur. He is a proud and patriotic son of Nasarawa state who continues to live for his people, God and humanity in his quest to make a difference on the lives of the people of Nasarawa state.

This promising, vibrant, energetic young man and committed democrat with great ability and strong moral courage came into Nasarawa politics with a defined mission, determination and strong political will to salvage the state which is already on a life support waiting for its untimely death. He rose from grass to grace through dint of hardwork with enviable record of achievements and legacy of selfless service to humanity.

Despite not holding public office, Yakubu continues to use his hard earned wealth to bring succour to the less privilaged through various humanitarian gestures and supports to communities in the state which marks him out as a gold fish that has no hidding place with clarion call on him by the ordinary people of the state to vie for the gubernatorial seat of the state come 2023.
In Nasarawa state alone, Yakubu has touched the lives of many people in the with his various interventions and kind gestures especially in the areas of community development, education, health,empowerment, employment opportunities and business supports, among many others.
On education, Gambo Yakubu built schools for orphans and children of the less privilaged in his own native community of Azara where education is free. He also awarded scholarships and paid the WAEC, NECO and other national examinations fees for the less privileged.

He distributed 50,000 free exercise books to public schools in western senatorial district of the state which has five local governments with each getting 10,000 exercise books and another 50,000 exercise books to the southern senatorial district which also has five local governments with northern zone of the state awaiting theirs.
On health, aside off-setting the medical bills of individuals and groups across the state, he constituted a medical team where he is spending N4 milion monthly to carry out free medical outreaches across the three senatorial districts of the state among other health supports.

Santalin Lafia has also been providing employment opportunities to the teeming youths of Nasarawa state in both public and private sectors, leveraging on his influence and connections which have changed the fortunes of many people and family inaddition toproviding financial supports to the youths and downtrodden to enable them establish and grow their business towards self reliance and poverty reduction in Nasarawa state.
It is, therefore, not surprising that his candidature for Shendam Road Government House, Lafia come 2023 continues to attract the supports, blessings and endorcements of the ordinary people. It’s believed that his recent decision to revalidate his PDP membership, in line with the clarion call by the people of the state, marks the beginning of the second phase of rescue mission in Nasarawa politics started by late Senator Haruna Abubakar and actualised by Al-Makura.
Abari writes from Lafia via muazuabari@gmail