2023: NNPP only alternative to rescue Cross River – Governorship candidate

The governorship candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) in Cross River, Dr. Wilfred Otsang Bonse, has said his party remained the only viable, credible and competent alternative capable of rescuing a future all would be proud of.

Dr. Bonse, in his New Year message to Cross River people, reminded them that the coming elections would define the state’s socio-economic future and that he was in the race to bring to bear his experience in financial management to help restore the lost glory of the State.

“Permit me to welcome you to the year 2023. As we all very well know, 2023 is going to be a defining year in the political history of our great Nation in general and our dear State in particular as we will be going to the polls to decide our electoral, political, social, economic, and developmental future.

“The critical relevance of the coming elections can, therefore, not be over-emphasized as our individual and collective decisions will determine whether or not we remain in this current quagmire where a potentially super-rich State wallows in chronic and abject poverty, while those we gave the mandate to provide the primary responsibility of Government to the people squander our collective wealth and live in opulence at the expense of the people’s wellbeing.

“The choices before us are quite simple, and the options are very unambiguous. We have to choose between the continuation of the status quo by voting for the “PD-APC” as one of their frontline chieftains aptly puts it or choosing to break free and vote for a future you can be proud of.

“It is  for this reason that I’m offering my service to the people of Cross River State. I bring you a viable, credible, and competent alternative to the status quo.

“I come with the fresh breeze of a new dawn where Cross River State can live up to the true meaning of its title: “The People’s Paradise ”

“I bring you a mixed bag of high-capacity expertise in financial management engineering, alongside a high level of goodwill among the foreign investors, the business community, to say the very least,” he said.

The governorship hopeful called on Cross River State people (the electorates) to cast their votes for him, adding, “A vote for me is a vote to restore Cross River State to her State of lost glory as well as setting the State on the path to rapid accelerated growth and development.”

While insisting that the NNPP, which he represents in the state, is politically equipped to save the Country, the Candidate said “I believe we can save Nigeria one State at a time.

“As we go to the polls, let us make use of the power we have been given by the universal adult suffrage provision of the Constitution to bring about a new Cross River, free from the shackles of subjugation and socioeconomic slavery.

“New Nigeria and a New Cross River are possible. Let’s begin with Cross River State, vote NNPP.”