2023: Nigeria needs likes of Bala Mohammed – Mai Posta

In this interview, Alhaji Suleiman Mai posta, chairman ‘Democracy and Good Governance Forum’, calls on Bauchi state governor, Bala Mohammed to contest for Nigeria’s President come 2023. The chairman asserts that Mohammed can enjoy acceptance in both the north and southern parts of the country being a former minister of the Federal Capital Territory. NAJiB SANI reports.

What informed your organisation’s call for Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state to contest for the seat of the president come 2023?

First and foremost, let me outline few amongst the objectives of our organisation. Democracy and Good Governance Forum is a non religious, non tribal organisation with members across the six states of the northeast and Nigeria, out to hold both elected and appointed political office holders responsible and accountable to the people for sustainable growth and development. In line with our objectives therefore, we have been monitoring the political development of the Bauchi state and the activities of Bala Mohammed since he was elected senator in 2007, appointed minister of the FCT in 2010, and elected governor of Bauchi state in 2019 who defeated an incumbent governor at that time, and we are made to understand that Bala Mohammed can govern Nigeria successfully.

What are some of the qualities you have seen in him that necessitated your call?

Governor Bala is one Nigerian that has distinguished himself as a true democrat, a nationalist and someone that always leaves landmarks and legacies that are beneficial to all. Let me take you back a little. When he was in the senate and Nigeria was in doom due to the ill health of our former President Umaru Yar’adua, out of concern for the unity of purpose of this great country, he invoked the doctrine of necessity which gives the senate the ability to confirm former President Goodluck Jonathan as Acting President. Upon his appointment as FCT minister in 2010 where he served for six years becoming the longest serving FCT minister in Nigeria, Bala initiated almost all the developmental projects that are visible in the federal capital territory Abuja today. He demonstrated true nationalism when he was at the red chamber and as FCT minister, given so much to the growth and development of Nigeria. When you come back to his home state Bauchi where he was elected the governor in 2019, his developmental projects speak volume in the span of just two years.

Governor Bala who clocked two years in office on the 29 may 2021, has completed over 30 kms of roads across the state, with others ongoing, built over 300 hundred health facilities, constructed and renovated over 1, 000 public schools empowered thousands of youth and women among others despite the dwindling resources in the state and has even picked up abandoned projects initiated by his predecessors.

He has been deepening stakeholding and inclusion in governance, working women with relevant stakeholders devoid of political difference or religious affiliation all in a bid to attract development to his state and this could be seen by the relative peace and stability being enjoyed in the state. His wide range of experiences and exposure therefore gives him an inch against any candidate and Nigeria needs the likes of Bala Mohammed to grow the economy, unite Nigerians, build infrastructures, create job opportunities and promote peace at all levels.

Are you aware that some people are already clamouring for power to shift to the south?

Yes, but you know that politics is a game of number and the beauty of democracy is allowing people to choose their leaders. In every democratic process, people are allowed to choose their leaders and besides if our candidate answers our call to contest, it will not stop anybody coming from any other part of the country to contest, but what we are looking at is his antecedents, track records, vision and mission which he has since exhibited for every Nigerian to see.

Bala Mohammed is a household name in the north and in the south due to his disposition as a nationalist who embraces all irrespective of any difference, so the issue of north or south does not arise here as all he use to say is ” Nigeria as one indivisible country “

Given the current challenges in Nigeria, would Mohammed deliver?

Very well, he will deliver because he has done it before as a senator, longest serving FCT minister and now a governor that is managing a very scarce resources to build magnificent infrastructures that even oil producing states of the federation can hardly execute.

This clearly demonstrates that he is a national asset and have learned the art and science of politics and good governance, so he is up to the tasks.

If he agrees to contest the presidency, what areas are assuring Nigerians that he would make impact?

I will promise Nigerians, good governance, unity of purpose, cohesion, improved security of lives and properties, job creation, youth and women empowerment, health and educational growth among others.

You see Nigeria needs someone like governor like him with so much experience on governance, democracy and rule of law to address the numerous challenges confronting the country and we are calling on him to answer our call once it is time.