2023: Forum endorses Senator Yerima for president

A group of well-meaning Nigerians, “A Greater and Better Nigeria Alliance (AGBNA)” has given Senator Yerima Bakura a political endorsement.

The group’s decision is in recognition of the amiable and principled politician’s virtuous human values and outstanding commitment to the unity and prosperity of Nigerians as demonstrated over the years.

A press release by AGBNA national coordinator, Hajia Mayam J. Ibrahim, in Abuja Monday, noted that Senator Yerima is a man of resolve who is able to set politics aside and take the necessary and right decisions to resolve issues.

According to the group, “The kind of pragmatism and broad-mindedness that characterize Senator Yerima’s political engagement is needed to restore democratic accountability in our national polity.  AGBNA recalled how Senator Yarima during his stewardship as Governor of Zamfara “demonstrated the power of his insightful diplomacy to secure interests around the world, and put the State into socio-political limelight.”

Furthermore, the leadership of AGBNA stated that at a time when the Nigerian political climate appears uncertain and engulfed in serial social and economic upheavals, “we need active and engaged citizens more than ever to help restore needed confidence in leadership and enhance our development prospects.”

The group reiterated that Senator Yerima‘s constructive approach to issues of national unity presents him as a powerful voice for diplomacy at this time when the country is on the brink on disintegration.

“Indeed, he comes across as a forceful rallying point whose moral example and liberal outlook of life would promote public policies that would keep us safe and out of conflicts, advance the prosperity of all Nigerians, and is true to our country’s highest values

“On the basis of this belief, AGBNA fully supports and invites Senator Yerima to step forward to contest in the 2023 presidential election of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” it said.