2023: 12 presidential aspirants to join ADC – National chairman

The national chairman of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) Hon. Ralph Nwosu, has revealed that about twelve presidential candidates of different political parties have agreed to join his party, adding that Nigerian youth have agreed to adopt the party come 2023 general elections.

Speaking at the national secretariat of ADC Wednesday in Abuja, when he officially received former Presidential candidate of the Young Progressives Party (YPP) Favour Ayodele, into the party, Nwosu said through his party Nigeria will rise and shine.

According to him, Nigerian youths have endorsed ADC and whoever the party present in 2023 will be the next President.

“ADC will present to Nigerians the next President. Almost twelve presidential aspirants are coming into the party within the next one month.” Nwosu said

Addressing the leadership of the ADC and other party membersm the former YPP presidential candidate said the decision Nigerians must made is a straightforward one, “whether the country want to continue this gloomy path with APC or want to go backward to the PDP era? The answer is a resounding No!

“On the other hand, for those who are proposing a peaceful breakup, let us be clear about one thing; No break-up is healthy. Division always results in a reduction of value. After 60 years of co-mingling and cross-transaction, including inter-tribal marriages, business transactions, and investment, how do ensure an equitable division or separation?

“We are better together. We are stronger together. Our diversity is our strength, not our weakness. What Nigeria needs right now is a party with a political ideology that unites us, not divide us further: at home and in diaspora. What Nigeria needs is a party that empowers us, not degrade us us or embarrass us.

“What Nigeria needs right now is a party with an outlook that emboldened us to dream big as world class citizens, not one that makes us run for cover. What Nigeria needs is a party with a platform that welcomes free expression of ideas as the way forward, not one that censors or threatens our lives for using our God-given voices or Hope’s to bribe us with “hush money.”

While calling on Nigerians to join hands with him to salvage the country, Ayodele said “war is not noble, I believe there is light at the end of this tunnel, if we rise and act now.”